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SECOND YEAR MARCH 2017           ENGLISH     MAXIMUM : 80 Scores
(Questions Nos. 1-3) Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:
“I knew then this could be my country, and that whatever I did here could make more of a difference than in a manicured reality of my university life in the states.”
1. Who is the narrator?
A) Shaheen Mistri is the narrator                                                                   (Score : 1)
2. What does the author mean by the word “manicured”?
A) Polished                                                                                                      (Score : 1)
3. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:
The teacher was obliged to begin the story of a bison and a tiger, and then he passed on to “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” and “Alladdin’s Lamp”. The boy listened, rapt and ordered. “I want to hear the story of the bison again. It is good….” . The teacher was short of breath. (Score : 4)
4. Edit the following letter of recommendation correcting the mistakes, if any.
Dear Sir,
The purpose of this letter is to provide a character reference to Mr.Ram whom I have known as a colleague for a period of five years. I believe I am in a position to provide you with a pretty accurate assessment of his character.
As an employee, he has been very hard working and highly committed to his job. He has also very outgoing and always willing to help others. I would conclude saying that Mr.Ram is a fine, well-balanced person with an abundance of positive qualities.
                                                                                                Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                                                        (Score : 4)
(Questions 5-6) : Read the passage and answer the questions:
“It is time to create a world where all women can meet their potential without impediment or prejudice and the world will reap the benefits. The three Ls will help us get there.”
5. What are the three Ls referred to?                                                                                    (Score : 1)
6. What does “impediment” mean?                                                                           (Score : 1)
7. The Amigo brothers left the ring arm in arm, without waiting for the verdict. Prepare the script for an announcement to be made soon after their exit.      (Score : 3)
8. “Some tortures are physical and some are mental
      But the one that is both is dental”.
Why does the poet find it hard to keep calm while sitting before a dentist? (Score : 4)
9. “We are called to assist the Earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own indeed, to embrace the world of creation in all its diversity, beauty and wonder.”Prepare a blog entry based on your understanding of Wangari Maathai’s speech.                (Score : 4)
10. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct expressions from those given in brackets:
After Marshall left Baldwin took out his diary and wrote as follows:
God ! What a turn of events ! I never thought that my own wife and children would persuade me to do a dishonourable thing. I was almost pushed (pushing/pushed) into accepting the bribe. Thank God, Marshall came (coming/came) at the right time. His offering (offering/offered)  the position came as a pleasant surprise, though, I feel (feels/feel) pity for poor Gresham                                                                                            (Score : 4)
11. While reading about Irfan Alam’s SammaaN rickshaws, you are reminded of “She Taxi”introduced in Kerala. Write an e-mail to Irfan Alam informing him about this project for the social and economic empowerment of women.
(‘She taxi’ –techonology ---enabled safety cab services—operated by women---to carry women commuters----first of its kind in India-----24 X 7 ----with emergency response systems and control room ---ensures the safety of women travelers------empowers the women----makes them financially independent)                                                                    (Score : 5)
12. The teacher in “Crime and Punishment” is a pathetic figure at the mercy of his student who blackmails him. Don’t you think that he should change his approach to the child for making him disciplined? Write four sentences giving your suggestions to the teacher. (Score : 4)
13. The incident that occurs in the play “Post Early for Christmas” shows the lack of security measures in the post office as well as the ignorance of the postal and the police personnel about handling an issue. Prepare a news report of the incident highlighting the corrective measures to be taken.                                                                (Score : 5)
14. After reading “Mending Wall” and in the wake of newspaper reports about millions of refugees who are denied entry into the developed nations you feel that there should be one world for all without any walls or boundaries. Prepare a script for presentation as the first speaker in the panel discussion on “One World Without Walls”.                        (Score : 5)
15. What are the personality changes manifested due to the sensory deprivation induced by drug addiction, according to Dr. Hardin B Jones?                                           (Score : 4)
16. Read the following advertisement and prepare a letter of application and a resume in response to it.

                                                              Vidyajyothi High School

We are a dynamic and progressive educational institution with a strong and firm focus on quality and innovative practices in education.
We are on the lookout for
High School Teachers
Subject : Maths

                              Candidates must have
·         Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree in Maths with first class
·         A minimum of two years of teaching experience
·         Excellent communication skills
Interested candidates must send their resume with recent photograph to
Last Date of Submission : 31-01-2016

                                                                                                                                                     (Scores : 6)
17. Wangari Maathai’s Nobel Price Acceptance speech reveals how environmental degradation is carried out on a large scale basis. Prepare an essay on the factors that lead to a destruction of our environment.
The challenge is to restore the home of the tadpoles and give back to our children a world of beauty and wonder.” Wangari Maathai calls upon the youth to save the earth from destruction. Write an essay exploring the positive steps that we can take to save the planet from environmental degradation.                                                                                  (Score : 8)
18. The literary club of your School is celebrating the International Women’s Day. Prepare the script for a speech on “Educating the girl child” to be delivered on the occasion.
“ ………..They need to change the mindset and reset the narrative in their favour. So it is essential that women be ready to ‘dare the difference’ –to take risks and step outside their comfort zones.” Based on your reading of Chrisine Lagarde’s speech, prepare an essay on how women can realize their true potential.                                                                   (Score : 8)
19. Read the following poem and compare it with “Any Woman” by Katherine Tynan.
                                                The Sad Mother
            Sleep, sleep, my beloved,
            Without worry, without fear,
            Although my soul does not sleep,
            Although I do not rest.
            Sleep, sleep and in the night
may your whispers be softer
than a leaf of grass,
or the silken fleece of lambs.
May my flesh slumber in you,
My worry, my trembling,
In you, may my eyes close
And my heart sleep.
                                    Gabriela Mistral                                             (Score : 8)




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(Qns 1-4) Read the passage and answer the following questions.
My dear friend, you have put the most difficult question among the many questions that I have received from millions and millions of students whom I have met. I value your question.
1. Who is referred to here as ‘my dear friend’?
A) A nervous and a typical representative of the Indian youth- a teenager from a far away village is referred to here as ‘my dear friend’.  He put forward a question of great concern.
2. What was the most difficult question that was put before Dr.Kalam?
A) The most difficult question that was put before Dr.Kalam was about his fear to achieve his dreams. He was afraid to talk to his teachers and his friends. He even wanted to be the captain of the ship. But he complains that his education didn’t help him to gain any confidence. He wanted to know if he could do all these things and achieve this mission.
3. Why did Dr.Kalam value that question?
A) Dr.Kalam valued that question because the question and the fearful condition of the boy represented the fear of many youths. He congratulated the boy saying that it was the most difficult question he had ever faced.
4. What was the name of the poem that Dr.Kalam recited in response to the question?
A) The name of the poem was “ I will Fly”.
5. “What kind of a country is India, Sir?” sked Mrs.Clifford, as she resumed her cooking. ‘ A beautiful country.’ ‘Safe to live in?’ . In the questions of Mrs. Clifford we see her concern about India.
What was the picture that Mrs.Clifford and Maggie had in their minds about India?
A) Mrs. Clifford and Maggie in the story “The Price of Flowers” written by Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay were really anxious to know more about India. They had a fearful picture in their minds about India.  Mrs. Clifford’s son Frank was working as a soldier in India. They hadn’t heard from him for long and so they were curious to meet an Indian to enquire about India. They believed that India was a place full of tigers and snakes and fevers. Besides they had heard people in India had occult powers.
6. Imagine that you are a tourist guide at the Island of Kadavu. A group of foreign tourists visit the place. Introduce the ritual of turtle calling to them.
A) It’s my pleasure to welcome you to this wonderful and amazing Island of Kadavu. The Island you see now belongs to Namuana Village famous for the ritual of turtle calling. The women of Namuana village will be on their strange chants and you will be stunned to see that the strange giant turtles rise up to the surface. If you want to see it clearly, you can climb that rock. I think it is the apt time to narrate that strange story. There were two beautiful women in the village called Namuana., Tinaicoboga the wife of the village chief and her daughter Raudalice. They were fishing in the sea. They were so engrossed in fishing that they did not notice the stealthy approach of a Great War canoe, filled with fishermen. The fishermen leapt from their canoe and seized the women, bound their hands and feet with wine. When the Sea Gods heard their cries, they were kind enough to make a wild storm and waves to frighten the fishermen. At this time the fishermen noticed that the Gods had turned the women into turtles. Then they threw them into the sea. It is now believed that the ancestors of those two turtles are coming to the surface of the sea to see the people of Namuana. Oh my Goodness, there you can see a Nabukelevu village man appearing on the shore and turtles going down to the sea. That man really ruined our beautiful view.
By the by you have to be very alert to witness this strange ritual of turtle calling and hunting of these turtles are strictly prohibited.  Anyhow hope you all enjoyed this ritual. Now it’s time to head back. Thank you all
7. ‘You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow beings.’- Paul McCartney.
You are moved by the story of Hasan, the serang. You want to talk in the School assembly about his love, kindness, concern for fellow beings and selflessness and expose hypocrites like Miss Jope-Smith. Prepare the script of the speech that you would deliver.
A) Respected Principal, my dear Teachers and loving friends,
It’s of course my privilege to stand before you on this day to share my viewpoints after studying the character ‘Hasan, the Serang’ in the story “”Serang of Ranaganji” written by Dr.A J Cronin.
We all are living in a society where everyone is not treated equally and many are discriminated on the basis of religion, creed, caste and other social taboos. But I am sure such thoughts would have no place in our mind after reading the story of Hasan, the Serang.
Hasan in this story was a normal person like anyone else. But he is treated as an ugly man and vulgar creature by the social promoters of the ship like Miss Jope-Smith. She makes fun of him without trying to understand his potentials and other good virtues. The story of Hasan has proved us that we can never judge a man by his looks. Thus this story really exposes hypocrites like Miss Jope-Smith.
When many people in the ship were affected with small pox, Hasan showed no reluctance in taking care of them. He served the people not for any economic profit. He considered it as his duty as a human being to save the people at the time of danger. He didn’t think that he would get the same disease. It was he who took initiative to prepare a shelter for the poor patients on the afterdeck. He was satisfied with the way he was. He was completely detached from the usual hope of reward. He had courage, self control and faith as his wealth. We will be wondering when we see him sewing the shrouds for the dead people. He himself read aloud a short passage from the Ramayana before their bodies.
In this present world, we all are satisfied with the profits and economic benefits. It is at this juncture, Hasan stands different. We all are getting blinded by the evils of the world. It’s high time to open our eyes from selfishness. The social promoters like Miss Jope-Smith failed to realize that it was Hasan who saved them from getting affected by small pox. Yes there are so many fashionable people like this. They will never do anything for the good of the society. They are really hypocrites who fail to realize any good in their fellow-beings.
Let’s be selfless in our attitude and treat everyone equally. Let’s work together to make this world a better place to live in. With these words I conclude my speech. Strive to be virtuous…. Thank you
8. ‘ …………….down the corridors of all time,
     The Titanic’s story shall sound sublime.’ Why?
A) The Titanic’s story will be remembered for ever because of the heroic courage and noble attitude shown by the Captain Smith and other crew who were in the ship. They showed so much courage and saved millions of people from sinking into the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. But they never tried to rescue themselves. The Titanic’s sinking was awfully a grand scene as the bands played “Nearer My God to Thee” while it was drowning. The Captain advises the crew to be British . Like Battle of Trafalgar, Waterloo, The Light Brigade, their acts will be remembered for ever.
9. Fill in the blanks with the correct options.
It was a very interesting match. Neither of the teams (1) was able to win a decisive victory in the first half. In the second half, one of the players (2) was injured and Team B suffered a set back. Team A had a clean victory. The coach, along with the players (3) was awarded. Each of the player(4) was given a present.
10. “Go to the woods and hills! No tears
         Dim the sweet look that Nature wears.”
Explain in a paragraph the message conveyed by these lines.
A) These lines are from the poem “Sunrise on the Hills” written by an influential American Poet H.W Longfellow. In this poem he presents his own experience as he watches the sun rise amidst the hills. He considers nature as a counselor, guide and redeemer. In these lines he advises us to go to Nature at the time of sadness and agony. He says that Nature is the perfect medicine that heals our wounds both mentally and physically. Nature strengthens us and brings out a smile which can last forever. Ultimately she provides solution for all our problems we face in our daily life. It relaxes us and makes a soothing effect. Being a perfect guide, it takes us through the right path. All the more it makes us aware of the philosophy of life. Our life is a mixture of both sorrows and happiness. Nature teaches us that after every dark night there is a beautiful morning.
11. The title of the lecture was a question: “ Is the End in sight for Theoretical Physics?”. Hawking startled his listeners by announcing that it was. He invited them to join him in a sensational escape through time and space to find the Holy Grail of science: the theory that explains the universe, and everything that happens in it.
As a newspaper reporter you were present at the inaugural lecture by the new Lucasian Professor Stephen Hawking. Later you prepared a report for your newspaper. Write the report that you prepared.
                                    UNANSWERED QUESTIONS ANSWERED….
                                                                                       BY Nicholas Mathew
Washington DC, July 10th 2016: “Is the End in sight for Theoretical Physics?”. This was one of the important questions confronted by the scientists of the Modern Era. Now the solution or the perfect answer was done by the 38 year old the youngest Lucasian Professor Stephen Hawking. They call him as supernova of Physics.
His lecture on April 29th 1980 led everyone gathered in the Cockcroft Lecture Room into a sensational escape through time and space to find the Holy Grail of Science. It all started with a question made by him, “Is the End in Sight for Theoretical Physics?”. Everyone was startled by his question. And he even admitted that he also thought that it was the end in sight for Theoretical Physics.Everyone presented there admitted that it was by far the best lecture presented there so far.
In the end he was awarded for his outstanding performance. It seems like the world of Physics and Science about to have a great change.
 Being the best example for ‘Good can come out of any adversity’, Stephen Hawking still explores and explodes. He explains the unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He proves out to be a real inspiration for modern scientists.
(Qns 12-13) Read the following lines from the poem “To Sleep” and answer the questions.
Without Thee what is all the morning’s wealth?
Come , blessed barrier between day and day.
Dear mother of fresh thoughts and joyous health!
12. Identify the poetic device in “blessed barrier between”?
A) The poetic device used here is ‘alliteration’. The consonant sound ‘b’ is repeated in these three words.
13. Elaborate the ideas in the above lines.
A) William Wordsworth the High Priest of Nature in his short sweet poem “To Sleep” tells us the importance of having sound sleep. Sleeping is indeed an essential thing as the air we breathe. One who gets a sound sleep will be very active and energetic to do his things well. These lines remind us the same truth. The wealth of the morning cannot be enjoyed without sleep. The Poet was deprived of sleep for the past three nights. So he makes a prayer. He wants sleep to come and bless him to have fresh thoughts and joyous health. As a poet he wants to have creative ideas for making good poems. Ultimately sleep will help us to have good health. It keeps us mentally and physically fit.
14. Walking for walking’s sake may be highly laudable and exemplary a thing as it is held to be by those who practice it. But Max Beerbohm has a different opinion.
Do you agree with him? Why? Write in a paragraph.
A) No, I don’t completely agree with his opinion. Walking offers us good health and physical balance. It is of course a productive exercise that keeps us alert and active.  Walking helps us to increase the blood flow and concentration.  But when we walk with someone the concept changes. According to Max Beerbohm, it stops the brain. We have to blindly accept his opinions and remarks. It is at this point I agree with the author.  But even then walking has its own advantages. It will surely increase our health. When we walk, it is good for the nature. Walking reduces the using of vehicles and the air will not be more polluted. When we walk with a definite purpose, it will add to our health.  As a whole in this essay, ‘Going out for a Walk’, Max Beerbohm looks at walking from a different perspective. He challenges the notion that walking is a productive mental exercise. According to my viewpoint, a regular concentrated walking is always accepted.
15. Write a precis of the following passage, reducing it to one-third of its length.
   English education and English language have done immense good to India, in spite of their glaring drawbacks. The notions of democracy and self-government are the boon of English education. Those who fought and died for mother India’s freedom were nursed in the cradle of English thought and culture. The West has made contribution to the East. The history of Europe has fired the hearts of our leaders. Our struggle for freedom has been inspired by the struggles for freedom in England, America and France. If our leaders were ignorant of English and if they had not studied this language, how could they have been inspired by these heroic struggles for freedom in other lands? English, therefore, did us great good in the past and if properly studied will do immense good in future.
    English is spoken throughout the world. For international contact, commerce and trade, for the scientific studies, English is indispensable. English is very rich in literature, our own literature has been made richer by this foreign language. It will really be a fatal day if we altogether forget Shakespeare, Milton, Keats and Shaw.
A)                                     English the International Language
 English language has made far reaching results and impact in the Indian’s outlook and attitude. We should try to acknowledge its merits than its drawbacks. We should be grateful to the English culture for the type of democracy and self-government  we follow. Our stuggle for freedom has been inspired by the English freedom struggles. Thus English language brought us so much good both in the past and in the present world. Let’s hope it will do the same in future too. Being a universally accepted language, English is indispensable in our life. We use it in our international contact, commerce and trade. Besides English has contributed much to our literature too. We should never belittle the contributions of Shakespeare, Milton, Keats and Shaw in this regard.
(Qns 16-19) Read the following lines from the poem “Death the Leveller” and answer the questions.
  The glories of our blood and state
   Are shadows, not substantial things:
   There is no armour against Fate.
16. The glories of our blood and state are shadows. Why?
A) The glories of our blood and state are shadows because they will not last for long. They are not substantial things. They will not last long after our death. Here glories of blood and state refer to our family status, position and wealth. When death lays its icy hands it levels everything and no one can stop it. Thus all our glories will be faded after a certain time of our earthly life.
17. Why does the poet say that there is no armour against fate?
A) The poet says that there is no armour against fate because death treats everyone equally. It considers all alike, the high and the low, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak. There is no discrimination in front of death. We can never build armour against fate. All that we had conquered from this world can never be taken with us when we die. They all are shadows and not substantial things. Only our good deeds will remain in the end.
18. If the glories of our blood and state are shadows, what can survive death?
A)  The actions of the just can survive death.
19. The word ‘substantial’ means …..
A) Concrete
20. There were little white wires hanging down from their ears, or tucked into pockets, purses of jackets. The eyes were little vacant. Each was in his or her musical world, walking to their sound track, stars in their own music video, almost oblivious to the world around them.
Here the author describes the i-Pod people. Now, after ten years of this, i-Pod has been replaced by modern smartphones. What is the situation now?
Write a short essay on “Smart phones: a boon or curse”.
A)                                 SMART PHONES: A BOON OR CURSE
   We all know that our world is developing day by day faster than we think. This development has made lots of things easier for us.
Smart phones also come into being as a part of development. It brought about tremendous changes in our life styles. First of all let me point out the good aspects of smart phones. It made lots of our jobs easier and saves our valuable time. It helps us to have our friendship circle wider. People can contact anyone in the world at short time. Smart phones also help people to put reminder for anything they want to remember. They also proved life saver for human beings in many areas related with human health. It also proved boon for business to get crucial information. Above all smart phones make people smarter and it helps people to get in touch with the rest of the world.
Smart phones have its disadvantages too. This is really hazard for human life. People suffer health problems of cancer due to electromagnetic waves. The excessive use of smart phones ruin the social life of the people. They lose sight of the real friends. It upsets the reality of life. Since anything is made available in smart phones, people can’t lead a successful happy life by mingling with others. It also affects his creativity faculty.
21. Prepare an article on how technology has changed the lives of modern people.
Technology has really changed the life style of the people. The advancements of technology has made tremendous changes in the status of living too.In this present world people can’t live without technology. It has really become the part and parcel of life.  Now let’s see how technology controls the life style of the people
First of all when we think about technology it is influencing human lives by improving communication system.  Today anybody can communicate with a person who lives far away. Technology has made it possible to bridge the gap among people living anywhere in the world.
It has encouraged innovation and creativity in society. Internet and Internet technologies are a strong force behind societal-changing communication and technology. Technology expands our knowledge. It helps us to get more information. It has also helped in predicting environmental disasters.
At the same time we should understand the ill-effects of technology. It makes us much addicted and we lose sight of the real incidents happening in our world. We always live in a virtual world. It makes us selfish and lazy. It upsets the family relationship.
So as human beings it is our responsibility to live mingling with other fellow beings. We should consider our nature and work for the environmental protection. We should have a control over technology to lead a successful life. Let’s us all build a healthy country by using technology in a wise manner.
22. Use the correct form of the verbs given in brackets to fill in the blanks.
Army: Usually I work (work) as a Secretary at Esquire, but this summer I am studying (study) Frenc at a language school in Paris. That is why I am in Paris.
Kate: I’m sorry. I can’t hear what you are saying (say) because everybody is talking (talk) so loudly.
23. Even after his marriage Nicholai Ivanich lived stingly. Kept his wife half starved and put the money into the bank in his own name.
Do you approve of the behaviour of Nicholai? Why?
A) No, I don’t approve of the behaviour of Nicholai. Nicholoai is one of the main characters of the story “Gooseberries” written by Anton Chekov. He is pictured in this story as a man who has only one aim in his life, ‘to buy an estate in countryside with many gooseberries’. He wanted to live in a country side, watching swans and eating gooseberries. Nicholai was working in the Exchequer court living in a town. He was very careful with money that he earned. He wanted to buy an estate with gooseberry bushes. He married very late. Thus he used to live meagerly and never had enough to eat and drink. He was exactly like a beggar. He always saved and put his money into the bank. He also kept his wife starving so that he can save the money to achieve his dream. He was not ready to wait. In the story we can see Nicholai living greedily half of his life. Thus he destroyed half of his life to enjoy the other half. I think that is not the right way of enjoying life. It is not at all pardonable to starve his wife for the sake of achieving his dream. He should have waited to accomplish his dream.
24. Read the poem given below and write a note of appreciation.
                            To take each day as it comes
To take each day as it comes
To gratefully praise the One
Joyfully face the new dawn’s grace
That’s now my everyday plan.
To guard my thought as it roams.
On anything or anyone
To be careful with my words
To use the value of my hands
To do everything I can
And bring a smile to not just one
To celebrate other’s gain,
Not consciously cause another’s pain;
Not all the time comes the sun
For sorrow comes to everyone
And that I must understand
To take each day as it comes
And know that I’am but a man
I will be glad, life’s not that bad
And do my part in God’s plan
That’s now my everyday plan.
A) The poem named “To take each day as it comes” is a didactic poem on the importance of leading a successful life. The poem appeals to everyone in the present world. The poem celebrates optimistic thoughts and principles to the readers in a simple way. This poem contains a set of moral instructions. The title of the poem itself unveils the theme of the poem.
The poem exhorts the reader to take each day as it comes and praise and thank the God our Creator. Then the poet reminds us to make everyday plan to live gracefully on earth. The poet also shares his simple thoughts to guard our thoughts and words. Besides he instructs us to consider the value of our hands. He wants everybody to bring a smile on others and to celebrate other’s success. He advises us to take our sorrow in a true spirit and to do our part well in God’s plan. The poet narrates all these principles not only for himself but for the whole mankind.
The poet has made use of several poetic devices and images to inspire us in the right path. We can see the poe’t use of metaphor in the line ‘the new dawn’s grace’ and personification in the line ‘guard my thoughts as it roams’. We can see rhyming words in gain and pain. The poet has used simple language to communicate his stream of thoughts and plans of life. The images used by the poet are really apt to feel the theme of the poem. The mood of the poem is one of joy and optimism. The message of the poet comes from the emotional tie to the readers . The tone of the poem is that of didactical one.
The Poet’s thoughts in this poem are really inspiring. It has some similarity with the poem “If” written by Rudyard Kipling as it teaches some virtues to attain manhood.


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LESSON-1                                            POST EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS      BY R.H. WOOD
·         It is a one act play which depicts the humorous incidents  in a village post office.
·         This story takes place in a Christmas season.
·         The theme of the play is centred on a parcel booked by a foreigner in the post office.
·         The news  of bombs in the parcels of some nearby post offices make the people fearful
·         It is this fear that made the panic situation more terrible.
·         They become more fearful by the tickling sound from one of the parcels.
·         The assistant of the Post Office calls the police.
·         The police confirm the presence of bomb in the parcel of the foreigner.
·         They immerse it in a bucket of water to defuse it.
·         The foreigner who returns to take his hat from the post office is astonished to see this.
·         It becomes very humorous when the foreigner reveals the truth that the parcel was not a bomb but a precious time piece.
·         The foreigner becomes angry and goes to meet the post master general to file a complaint.
·         In the end the assistant resigns job in the post office.

SUMMARY OF THE PLAY IN DETAIL: When the play begins we see a postal assistant recollects the previous day’s incidents. She remarks about her curious customers. But we see that this postal assistant never loses her temper. She behaves very politely to the customers. The first customer Mrs.Smith is a lady. She has rheumatical disease. She comes to buy stamps and a postal order. Next customer is Mrs.Jones.  She is an acquaintance of Mrs. Smith. She comes to post her Christmas presents. But she behaves very rudely. We find some other humorous characters who behave in a strange way to the postal assistant. There is the old gentleman and the fussy old lady. They too are funny customers. The deaf old man gives odd responses to the questions of the assistant. The old lady comes to the post office thinking that it is an animal clinic. The farmer in this play reveals the news about the time bomb inside a Christmas parcel in London. He warns that if there is bomb in the parcel, it will make tick sound. People in the post office become fearful. It is at this time, Mrs. Higgins and her son Bertie comes into the post office. Bertie behaves in a naughty manner. The play becomes more interesting when a foreign customer comes into the post office to send Christmas parcel to one of his friends. His repeated questions about the safety of his parcel really makes the story interesting.  The foreigner leaves the post office without taking his gloves. Bertie hears a tick sound from the tourist’s parcel. When others also confirmed it everybody becomes afraid. The farmer affirmed the parcel as real bomb. Then Bertie calls a policeman to the scene obeying his mother. At that time, the tourist again comes to the post office to take back his gloves. He is shocked to see the policeman. He requests the police man not to throw his parcel into the water. Everybody in the post office becomes very much afraid and they hide to escape explosion. At this time the tourist says that it is not a time bomb but just a clock.  The tourist becomes very much angry and goes to complaint about this. The assistant leaves the post office to work in animal dispensary. She is very sure that animals will never do silly things like men.
Model questions :-
1. Read the following excerpt from the play “Post Early for Christmas” : (SAY 2016 June)
(a)  Mrs. Jones  : I don’t want these presents damaged, miss, so please see that they are handled  very carefully.
     Assistant       : We’ll do our best madam………
(b)  Policeman   : Where are you off to, miss?
       Assistant      :  I am leaving the post office forever……
Now begin the conversation in the following manner.
(a) Mrs. Jones told the assistant that …………and ……………. . The Assistant replied that  ……………….   .
(b) Policeman asked …………………….
Assistant replied that …………………..
A) a)Mrs.Jones told the assistant that she didn’t want those presents damaged and requested to ensure that they were handled very carefully.  The Assistant replied that they would do their best.
b) Policeman asked the madam where she was off to. The assistant replied that she was leaving the post office forever.
2. The Literary Club of your School decides to enact the play “Post Early for Christmas” in connection with the school anniversary. Prepare a script for announcing the programme climax of the play.
A) The play, “Post Early for Christmas” has a village post office as its background. When the curtain rises, we can see a farmer who comes to the post office and gives news about the time bomb found in the post office in London. At this news everybody in the post office becomes afraid. At this time a ticking sound was heard from the parcel given by a foreigner. The people calls for the policeman.  People tell the policeman to deactivate the bomb. The policeman throws the parcel into a bucket of water. At this time the tourist re-enters the scene to take his forgotten glows. He tells them not to throw the parcel into water. He reveals the truth that it is a special clock for his friend. He gets angry with the employees in the post office and decides to inform the post master general. In the climax, the people in the post office realize the truth and the assistant leaves the post office to seek work in an animal dispensary.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen…….
The Literary club of ABC Public School proudly presents the humorous, entertainer and ever green play, “Post Early for Christmas” on 18th September 2016 in connection with the annual day celebrations of our School. This fantastic play is written by R H Wood, a British Dramatist and it is now directed by our dear teacher Navaneeth, a new- gen director. The play will be staged by the budding actors and actresses of our school. The venue of the play will be at our School auditorium at 2pm.
The play, “Post Early For Christmas” takes place inside a small post office in an English village. All the important incidents in the play centres on a parcel that is mistaken for a time bomb.  This play really makes the people aware of the foolishness they do in their daily life.
It would be really a feast for your eyes. Come and enjoy this play with your friends. You can have your tickets earlier from literary chairman.
Background and setting : Komala curtains
Light and sound : Savanna lights and sounds.
3. The following conversation from the play “Post Early for Christmas” gives us a picture of the fuss made by the people in a post office, in the name of a parcel. Read the conversation carefully and prepare two sentences giving suggestions to the Assistant so that she can handle the situation without panicking.
Farmer: If we don’t do something, you’ll find out soon enough, ma’am .
Gentleman: What’s all the fuss about?
Old Lady : It’s about a time bomb.
A) Dear Assistant, You should tell the customers not to be afraid of the time bomb.
     Dear Assistant, It’s better to make the people out from the post office. You ought to inform the police about the time bomb.
4. “Humour is what adds to the spice of life. It reduces the tedium of a tension-ridden existence and makes life healthier. If a sense of humour is developed as a perspective of life, even unpleasant experiences will become less problematic, thereby enhancing physical and emotional well-being. (The Lighter Side)
Write an essay on “Laughter is the best medicine”. (Hints: laughter is contagious-reduces stress response-boosts immunity-combats depression-relieves pain)
Laughter is the best medicine for all diseases. If we have happiness, we can approach all challenges of life in a pleasant way. It adds spice and taste to life. There should be no day in our life without smile.
One sincere smile can make many changes. It can convey many messages. Our smiling face sometimes will act as a boost for others. It will encourage them to do their duties with energy. Here we can see the contagious power of laughter. By smiling we can make new friendships. When we approach one with a good smile, it certainly creates smile on their face too.
Laughter reduces the tension and stress of our life. When we laugh we forget all our problems and it makes our life joyful. Even in an unpleasant condition laughter acts a s a medicine. It helps one to face the challenges of life very easily. If a sense of humour is developed as a perspective of life, we can prevent unnecessary quarrel.
Laughter also boosts our immunity power. By laughing our pleasure centres get activated. It will give us immense happiness and energy. It gives us mental health as well as physical health. If our minds are happy we can treat all diseases in a calm way. Thus laughter boosts immunity and keeps our emotional well-being. That’s why we say laughter expands our life span.
Laughter also helps us to escape from depression. Life is like a coin. It has two sides. Happiness as well as sorrow. It is only when we have humour sense we can treat everything in a balanced manner. It ensures a positive attitude to our life. Smile helps one to get relief from their painful situations of life and to pick up the burden with refreshment.
Let me conclude my essay saying that laughter can make a large difference in our life. It can change our perspective and thus helps to embrace everything that comes to our life. So let’s all laugh and be merry always. .
5.  “R.H Wood plays are well known for simplicity of language, dramatic settings and subtle presentation of stock characters.” Is this statement true with regard to the play “Post Early for Christmas”? Write an essay.
A) ‘Post Early for Christmas’ is a humorous and entertaining play written by R.H Wood. It is very much appreciable in its characterization and humour. The incidents in a post office create a big bang of laughter in the audience and readers. It is because of the simplicity and presentation of the characters in an appealing manner.
The whole incidents appear to be very common. It is very much related to common life situations. All the dialogues and behaviour of the characters are really funny and interesting. The assistant is the only one who seems to be normal there. Every other character has their own speciality . This evokes smile and laughter in us. The play appears to be very realistic and almost all the characters use simple ordinary language. Each of their words reflect their behaviour.
Much of the funny moments in the play are created by the gentleman and the old fat lady. They make the readers laugh with their comic dialogues. But farmer appears to be a different one. He involves in everything around him and misleads every one. Thus he makes controversies in the play. He frightens everybody in the post office by mentioning of a time tomb. The tourister also creates laughter with his dialogues. He appears to be a strange man from a foreign country. But in fact he was an innocent man without any wrong. The presentation of the characters in the play has helped to treat a normal event very seriously. The final scene clearly shows us the pathetic condition of the postal assistant who suffers too much from the customers. She even makes a comment that animals are more sensible than humans.
The dramatic settings also adds flavor to the play. All characters act in a realistic manner as to make the audience enjoy the play well. Even the board kept in the post office ‘Post Early for Christmas’ itself serves as a message of the play. It helps us to do everything earlier to avoid any delay and disappointment in life. The mistaken parcel as a time bomb and the related events are presented in a wonderful manner. As a whole everything in the play gives us a visual treat. Therefore it is justifiable to comment that R.H Wood plays are well known for simplicity of language, dramatic settings and subtle presentation of stock characters
Lesson-2                     THIS IS GOING TO HURT JUST A LITTLE BIT. By Ogden Nash

1. Write an appreciation of the poem, “This is Going to Hurt Just a Little Bit”

The poem, “This is going to hurt just a little bit”  written by Ogden Nash is a very funny poem. It is filled with exaggerations, puns and metaphors. It describes the feeling of a person going to a dentist. The poet portrays the unpleasant experience of sitting in a dentist chair with fear and terror.
In the beginning of the poem, the poet shares his unpleasant experience of sitting in a dentist chair. He expresses his dislike in opening his mouth wide open. Then he describes both physical and mental tortures related with it. He humorously attributes these tortures as dental. The poet also writes about the different ugly expressions made by patient’s fingers on his palm. It makes serious changes in one’s life line, love line or some other important line.
Next the poet compares one’s mouth to a damaged road where repair work is going on. The mouth appears to be a place with stone-crushers, concrete mixers, drills and steam rollers. All the more the nerves are seriously affected.
The poet now describes the polishing work which one thinks as demolishing work. This job is done terribly using a mirror. The poet compares the dentist to an Ursa. Both the dentist and a bear have same nature. The dentist digs the mouth to repair, the bear uses its fore- arms and pointed mouth to eat its prey. The dentist takes his crowbar in one hand and mirror in the other. He polishes the mouth just like polishing a horse’s hoof.
Thus this poem highlights only the negative sides of pain to make the readers laugh. It treats the essential treatment in life as a difficult painful process. Though the pain one gets is quite natural the poet makes use of exaggeration to produce humour.
As this poem focuses on the bad effects it creates only a feeling of fear and terror in the readers. It never highlights the honest and careful work of a dentist.
1. Bring out the humour in the title “This is Going to Hurt a Little Bit” by Ogden Nash.
A)  The poem, “This is going to hurt just a little bit”  written by Ogden Nash. Since it describes the feeling of a person going to a dentist, the title is very apt. It describes the unpleasant experience of sitting in a dentist chair. He uses the word, ‘hurt’ which causes pain. The poet portrays the unpleasant experience of sitting in a dentist chair with fear and terror.. At the same time he tries to lessen the intensity of ‘hurt’ by using the phrase ‘just a little bit’. The person sitting in front of him expresses his dislike in opening his mouth wide open. Then he describes both physical and mental tortures related with it. He humorously attributes these tortures as dental.

LESSON 3          CRIME AND PUNISHMENT      by R K Narayanan
It is a humorous short story. This story really proves the old saying, “spare the rod and spoil the child”. It highlights the truth that over caring and over parenting spoil the child. This story brings out a comical situation between a teacher and his naughty student. The boy was preparing a test in arithmetic. The test was scheduled and the teacher was preparing the naughty student for the test. The student provokes the angry teacher by repeating the wrong answer. At last the teacher beats the little boy.  When the boy started crying the teacher becomes very upset. The boy’s parents were against giving punishments. He is afraid that the boy’s parents would know this. They were very rich. The boy was their only child and they did not like anybody beating him.  The teacher knew this truth and tried to console the boy. The boy put forward a condition before the teacher. If he allowed him to play he would not disclose the truth. At last the teacher obeyed  and the boy wanted him to play with him. The teacher became very tired and the engine of the toy train was also damaged. Then the boy wanted him to repair it. When the teacher was not ready to repair it, he demanded a story from him. The teacher became very tired after repeating many stories. Then the boy again threatens the teacher and runs to his parents. The teacher too ran after him. But he could not reach him. The teacher then stumbled to the portico step. It was at that time, the parents reached there. The teacher became very afraid and wanted to confess everything. Then the boy’s father enquired about the test and the boy became very afraid and hid behind his parents. He looked at the teacher desperately. The teacher felt sympathy  for the boy and replied that he has won the test. The boy became very happy and thankful to the teacher. The teacher also told them about the game they were playing to make him happy.  Thus this story brings so much laughter for the readers.
Possible questions:-
1. A panel discussion on corporal punishment, “ Corporal Punishment : Is it justifiable?” was conducted in your school.  The panelist who spoke first remarked, Corporal punishment is not altogether bad. Children need some negative reinforcement when they behave in an undesirable way. Spare the rod and spoil the child is the dictum.”
Now, prepare a brief script for the next panelist who wants to counter this argument and highlight the ill-effects of corporal punishment.
A) I don’t agree with the remark of the first panelist in giving corporal punishment. Corporal punishment means physical torture. Corporal punishement will influence the personality of the students.  corporal punishment is less effective. It brings a negative message. It will increase the violence in the society .It is a violation of human rights. The praise, discussions regarding values, and positive role models do more to develop character.
2.  ‘A teacher is a friend, philosopher, guide and a mentor to the student’. Analyse the character of the teacher in the story” Crime and Punishment” in the light of this statement.
A) R.K Narayan in his story “Crime and Punishment”, strongly criticizes about the modern teaching methods and over-parenting. It is very difficult to handle the children nowadays. They don’t pay much respect and concern for their parents and teachers. The teacher in the story teaches the little boy with the purpose of claiming thirty rupees monthly. He is not so patient and gentle to the boy. The boy who is very naughty makes the teacher more aggressive. When the student repeats the mistake the teacher shows the boldness to punish him. In this story we can see a teacher who is blackmailed by his student. Whenever the boy blackmails, we can see a teacher who is very much afraid of his parents.He lacks the personality of a good teacher. Teacher is ready to do anything for the boy. The teacher was ready to play the role of a station master. He even runs behind him. He also appears to be a great mentor. He understands the feelings of the little boy and adjusts with him. He tells stories. He feels sorry for beating him.  The teacher was compelled to punish him after the repeated correction.In the end the teacher feels pity on the pathetic and desperate child. He saves the boy from his father saying that he was alright with arithmetics.  So the teacher in this story doesn’t  play the role of a friend, phiolosopher, guide and mentor. In reality a teacher should be a friend, philosopher, mentor and guide. But here the teacher cannot act like that. He even considers the boy as a little gorilla.
3. A panel discussion was conducted in your school on the topic “Modern Education System-Challenges Ahead.”
Given below is an excerpt from the presentation made by the panelist during the panel discussion. Educating a child is basically a matter of caring and nurturing the child. The process of education should open new vistas of knowledge before the child. As saying goes: ‘nourish the brain through the senses’. The syllabus and transactional strategies should be designed in such a way as to make the learners consider education as a fruitful affair”.
Now prepare a brief script for presentation in the panel discussion by the next panelist highlighting the practical issues faced by the teacher in the class room and the means to be adopted to minimize this problem.
A) I totally agree with the first panelist that educating a child is basically a matter of caring and nurturing the child. As a teacher, it is his duty to nourish the brain through the senses. But at present teachers face some practical issues in the class room. Traditionally teachers are encouraged to believe that learning environment should be orderly and quiet. But in the present situation learning is to be a cooperative one. Teachers are giving so much importance to activities. Students take an active role in such situation. Now the teachers give so much importance be a facilitator. But there is another side for this. Most of the teachers are not given freedom in the schools to have a free atmosphere. Teachers  are often compelled to enforce discipline in the class rooms. If any teachers punish any students for discipline, the parents complaint  against them. It makes the teacher helpless and affects their teaching career. This situation should be changed and the parents should be well conscious of the punishments the teachers give. The management or the government should give maximum freedom for the teachers to make the teaching process an effective one.