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film Review Violin

bi Malayil who was known to handle emotional cinemas with great care seems to have lost his magic touch in the recent years. Sure, his movies has become more technically fine and glitzy than his older films, but what is gravely missing is that intrinsic emotional depth. As usual with the regular potboilers, his new movie 'Violin' is just another formula movie where the central route seems to be-cast a good looking pair, choose a tried-and-tested story, garnish it with sugary, passionate, delightful situations, add a couple of lively songs and shoot the movie at panoramic locales. The formula seems to be working good for quite some years, but here the situations are not so passionate, the lilting scores are absent and above all the affecting intensity is hardly visible.

The movie follows the lives of Angel (Nithya Menon) and her two aunts Annie (Lakshmi Ramakrishnan) and Mercy (Reena Basheer), who lives alone in the big �Rosevilla� secluded from the world around, as they finds that every men around are really treacherous for their calm life and good names. They make a living by baking cakes and occasionally going to Churches, while Angel is also taking tuitions to students interested in playing violin. She is an expert violinist, the craze starting with the violin that her late mother Rose had presented her before death.
Abey (Asif Ali) is an innocent villager and a musician who happens to be in the town, looking for better fortunes and once he takes the attic of the villas as the tenant of Angel and her aunts, their life takes a sea change. They start to think positive and their life suddenly feels like being in heaven. After the mandatory initial resistance from Angel, romance strikes, and the two fall in love. The rest of the love story is what the movie is all about.
The first half of �Violin� is impressive and floats freely but the problem lies in the second hour when a few tracks throw a spanner in the otherwise smooth proceedings. Even the climax, although well shot, is forced and pass�, since a number of films including Maniratnam's 'Alai Payuthe' have had similar endings. The scriptwriter Viju Ramachandran has dealt the Anglo Indian surroundings and life with that �clitch�ed sincerity, though it may not be a fresher theme for Mollywood viewers.
The highlight of the movie seems to be the lead pair, especially Asif Ali, who is only getting better with every release. He registers an impact and displays qualities to hit the top slot, if he goes on with a fine selection of his roles. Nithya Menon, who rightly has the largest of the fans among young generation, is good, though not exceptional. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Reena Basheer, and Chembil Ashokan has some exceptional roles while talented Abhishek Raveendran with his interesting one liners, once again proves that he is a talent to look out for in future.
For any love story to strike a chord, it ought to be embellished with a lilting musical score. In this case, the music is classy and not so melodious to  remain in our minds for long.But the technical side is topnotch with Manoj Pillai contributing some excellent visuals.
On the whole,'Violin'  could have been an interesting fare, but is let mediocre by an average direction. The movie, with its aggressive promotion and  charismatic lead pair, may still manage to stay in the release centres for quite some weeks.
Ratings : 5/ 10
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