Sunday, 23 October 2011

1.       a)Think that you are enacting the play “The Never Never Nest”. You have written the following notice to be put up in the school auditorium where the play is being staged.
Write two other notices which you want to put up there.


                b)Before the enactment you want to introduce the play “The Never- Never Nest” to the audience. Prepare the script of your introductory speech in three or four sentences.(Hints: Name of the Play- Author- theme- characters in the play –cast and credit etc)
A) Ladies and Gentlemen,
                                                Today we all are assembled here in this auditorium to watch the play “The Never-Never Nest” written by Cedric Mount. This is a satirical play on the hire purchase system . The main characters in the play are Jack, Jill his wife, Aunt Jane and Nurse. The cast and credit are done by  the drama club of this school and  Kumari Latha Kumar of Biology Science respectively.  I hope all of you will be watching this play with great interest and would change the dehumanizing face of modern economy based on consumerism.             
2.       Sir Mohan lal was thrown out of the first class railway compartment by two drunken soldiers. Sir Mohan writes a letter  of complaint to the railway station master. Write the letter for him in about 80 words. (Hints:- Greeting-self introduction-his bitter experience-description of the culprits-action to be taken)

Mohan Lal

The Station Master
Bandra  Railway Station
West Mumbai

Sub:- Complaint regarding the cruel treatment of drunken soldiers in the first class railway compartment.
Respected Sir,
It is with utmost pain and shame that I regret to point out that I was ill-treated and badly hurt by two drunken soldiers today morning. I am an educated, upper class and  middle aged  barrister of the Apex court in England.
Today I was going to the capital city of England to attend a case in the supreme court. I was travelling in the first class reserved compartment. But I was totally ashamed by the rash and cruel treatment of two soldiers. Actually they were not entitled to travel in the first class. Yet I went out to greet them and call them inside. But they behaved in an unfriendly manner. They even shouted at me to leave the palce. Though I spoke like an English man, they couldn’t understand me. When the engine gave another whistle they caught me by the arms and flung me out of the train.
Though railway police has registered a case none has been arrested so far. So I kindly request you to take action against the culprits at the earliest.
                                                                                                `                               Yours faithfully
3.       Imagine that you want to interview the blind Belgian tourist after his return from Northern Thailand. Write four questions which you would like to ask him and the responses you are likely to get from him.
(Hints :-Questions about the trip—the places seen-people met-his feelings about the trip)
? Hai Mr. Antonio, I am Raju from Belgium. I would like to ask some questions about your trip.
Antonio: Its my pleasure to spend some time with you. You can ask me questions about my trip.
? Thanks a lot for your good will. I understand that you are very happy after the trip to Northern Thailand. Can you tell me something about the trip?
Antonio: Oh ! It was really amazing and wonderful the moments I spent in Northern Thailand. Though I am blind I could see more and discover new things with the help of a kind man.
? Oh! That is good. What all experience you had there?
Antonio: At first I enjoyed tourist sites in Northern Thailand. When I was going to enjoy my dinner at a restaurant I met a Chinese business man. We exchanged polite conversation and he found it very happy to describe the things he had observed there.
?What all things did he describe for you? Can you share a little of that?
Antonio:  Of course. He described the musical performance and the musical instruments and the people of different nationalities, their sizes shapes etc. I feel wonder the musical sound box made of a whole coconut shell.
?Thanks a lot for spending some time with me. I feel very happy the times I spent with you.
Antonio: Its my pleasure..I also do feel like that.
4.       Your class is organizing a debate on “Cutting down trees” The following are the points raised by those who spoke in favour of “Cutting down Trees”
·         We need timber for building houses and factories
·         We need firewood for cooking.
·         Paper making and publishing industries depend on the pulp of trees.
·         Trees are needed for making packin g materials, boxes, vehicles etc.
You want to speak against “Cutting down trees”. Write four points that you may raise in the debate.
* Cutting down trees means cutting down our life on Earth.
        * Trees do play a great role in checking soil erosion
        * Trees give shelter to human beings. So we should not cut down any trees.
        * Trees help to have rainfall. If we have more trees, rain also will be there in abundance.
        (It is a foolish argument that we need timber for building houses and factories. We can build houses and factories by concrete materials as well. For cooking we can also use gas stove and induction cooker. So it is foolish to cut down trees for the sake of cooking.)

 To be continued......

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