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(Qns.1-3) Read the excerpt from the story “Amigo Brothers” and answer the questions that follow.
“The announcer turned to point to the winner and found himself alone. Arm in arm, the champions had already left the ring.”
1. Who are the champions referred to here? A) The champions referred to here are Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas.
2. ‘Arm in arm’ in this passage means a) Happiness b) friendship c) respect d) concern
A) Friendship
3. Do you think that it is right on the part of the champions to leave the ring like that? What might have prompted them to do so?
A) No, I don’t think it is right on the part of the champions to leave the ring like that. It is against the spirit of competition. People sacrifice their valuable time to know the winner. But here Felix and Antonio consider their friendship than anything else. This prompted them to leave the ring hand in hand.
4. Read the following conversation taken from the play “The Hour of Truth”.
John: You can imagine: rotten things. And I couldn’t contradict them.
Baldwin: Why not, John?
John: Because I didn’t know.
Baldwin: Did you have to know? Wasn’t it enough that you knew your father?
Imagine that you are going to direct this segment of the play for the English festival to be held in your school. Being the director, you have to explain the conversation to the actors. Report the details of the conversation to your actors in about 60 words.
Dear friends, “The Hour of Truth” is a famous play written by Percival Wilde. The play keeps its enthusiasm and suspense from beginning to end. We opted this play to screen in the English festival only because of its importance given to human values such as honesty. It is very much based on human ideals. So all of you must understand and grasp the situation very well. All of you must act naturally and do justice to your role assigned. Both John and Baldwin know each other well. Baldwin must express his strong knowledge that his son John knows a lot about him. The son John must act in a way that he has some doubtful expression towards his father.
5. Read the following letter supplying the correct tense form wherever necessary:
Dear Sir,
I was writing this letter to complain about a service charge of Rs.30 levied on my saving bank account. On 12th June 2015, I withdraw Rs.2500 from my saving bank account using my ATM card. At that time, the balance in my account were Rs. 7500 as per the receipt I receive from the ATM. However, I received a bank statement on 25th June 2015 which showed that I had been charged Rs.30 for the transaction. I do not understand this as there is no service charge for the first five ATM transactions per month.
I believe this charge of Rs.30 is wrong and I want this money to be reimbursed immediately. I look forward to hearing from you. Please respond to my complaint within 10 days.
Yours faithfully
Ravichandra T.K.
A) am writing, withdrew, was, received
6. ‘My little brother runs in to meet me-
     I, eager to have a full meal of athikira rice.
     He’s carrying the rations for the whole household-
      Tips over something and scatters the wheat all over the yard.’
     Bring out the satirical element in the above lines taken from the poem’Rice’.
A) In the poem “Rice” by renowned poet Chemmanam Chacko clearly depicts the selfish and greedy nature of the farmers. The poem is packed with sarcasm and scorn. He is shocked to comprehend the truth that the farmers have stopped agriculture to start commercial crops. After four years of research in North India, he returns home with a doctoral degree. He longs for having a meal of athikira rice. He was completely fed up by eating chapaties of North India. But much against his expectation he finds that his native land is feeding on the wheat. He is even greeted by his brother carrying ration for the entire family. We get a clear picture of the modern society. Food crops are replaced by the cash crops.  Farmers find it very terrible to go to fields well –dressed. Besides their desire to lead a luxurious life is very clear in this poem. The image of the poet’s brother running in with the ration, tripping and falling down is very much satirical. This kind of satire really suits the theme. Today we get our food grains, vegetables and fruits from neighbouring states. We can see a society where people want to catch fish without wetting their fingers. People don’t want to have the good virtue of hard work. The contrast between the reality and the expectation is depicted here.
7. As part of sensitizing your friends on the harmful effects of drugs on the human body, you decide to collect information on the overuse of drugs and its health hazards. Write a letter to the department of health, enquiring about the various health hazards caused by drug abuse.
                ABC H S S
                Sivaji Nagar
                The Director
                Public Health Department
Sub:- To know various health hazards caused by drug abuse
I am very happy to say that I am a Plus Two student in a reputed School of the city. As a student-counselor of this School, I would be very happy if you could provide me with more information about the over use of drugs and its health hazards. Very recently, I came to know that my friend Abijith is in the verge of being a drug addict. I want to stop him from his bad habit.
According to Indian scenario, the new curse attacking our society is the menace of drug abuse. It is spreading in our culture than any other social evils. The young generation is very much addicted to this and they become the victims of loneliness and depression. People get different health problems like liver sclerosis, Cancer, etc…. It makes the people unfit and self-centered. Most of the confusions take place in our State due to this excessive use of drugs. So I humbly request you to share me some more information about this.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am waiting for a positive reply soon.
Yours faithfully                                                                                                                                               IDUKKI
NAME & SIGNATURE                                                                                                                                    DATE
(QNS.8-10) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
“The child ran towards his parents gaily and walked abreast of them for a while, being, however, soon left behind, attracted by the little insects and worms along the footpath that were teeming out from their hiding place to enjoy the sunshine.”
8. Why did the insects and worms come out of the hiding place?
A) The insects and worms came out of the hiding place to enjoy the sunshine.                
9. What is the meaning of ‘abreast’?
A) Side by side.
10. Pick out the words and expressions that convey the pleasant atmosphere.
A) Gaily, teeming out, sunshine etc…..
11. ‘’We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect,’’ says Aldo Leopold. How far do you agree with this view? Prepare a write-up in not more than 50 words in the light of your understanding of the speech ‘When a Sapling is Planted’ by Wangari Maathai.
                                                LOVE OUR MOTHER EARTH TO LIVE LONGER
It is the need of the hour to conserve our indigenous nature. In the Nobel prize acceptance speech, Wangari Maathai insists youth and others to save our homeland and restore the world of tadpoles. I do agree with the statement of Aldo Leopold completely. Since present day society sees land as a commodity to buy and sell, the above advice assumes so much importance. We always try to abuse nature. We have lost the love our ancestors had to the nature. Aldo rightly puts it in his words. As Wangari Maathai stated, the green belt movement was started for the restoration of plants. But it has has been branched up to other fields like democracy, politics and so on. She speaks about the loss, this generation would face. We would not be able to give our next generation what we have already received from our fore-fathers. We should try to consider nature as a social sphere to live as a community. Here the speech is mainly addressed to the children and women of Kenya because women are the most vulnerable persons in any community. She adds that our environment is a part of our culture. She cites an example to support this view. The elders of the Kikuyu carried a staff from the thigi tree. Placing a branch of thigi tree is meant to stop the dispute between two conflicts. Such practices are really conserving nature and they even promote peace. Wangari Maathai took the challenge of planting thirty millions of trees for achieving this dream. She invites everyone to take the challenge of restoring the homes of tadpoles and gift the future generation its beauty and wonder.
12. Language puns, sarcastic dialogues, comic appearance, and an unexpected twist all contribute much to the humour in the play “Post Early for Christmas”. Prepare a blog on the humour in the play in not more than 50 words.
                                                                POST EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS
                                                                DATE(6TH Feb 2016) by Rajmohan
“Post Early for Christmas” is a sarcastic and humorous play written by the famous and well known writer R H Wood. The play is rich with language puns, sarcastic dialogues, comic appearance and unexpected twist. There are many humorous incidents in the play to prove this truth. The entire story takes place in a village post office in England. The plot centers on a Foreign Tourist coming to the post office to send a parcel to his friend.  We can see language puns in the beginning of the story itself. The conversation between the Assistant and the Deaf Old Man gives enough evidence. The Deaf Old Man misunderstands ‘book’ for cook, ‘said’ for bed and Ted. He even accuses the Assistant of being deaf. We see an old lady coming to the post office seeking advice about her cat. She thought that it was a clinic for animals. Bertie’s speaking makes us laugh because of his mutilated English. His conversation with Mrs.Higgins is very humorous. Eg.  I seed ‘em. Mrs.Higgins is shocked at his poor language. Mrs Higgin’s attempts to correct him also give humour. Bertie makes the error “I sawed ‘em”. The English of the tourist is also horrible. The story has an unexpected twist by the entry of the tourist and farmer. The story ends up with the twist of revealing the truth behind the “Time Bomb” When the parcel makes a ticking noise, the people in the post office mistake it as a time bomb. It is only when the tourist explains about the beautiful Swiss clock everybody is relieved. He was sending it to his friend as Christmas gift.The dialogues are very apt. One would be laughing aloud at the dialogues between the Assistant and the deaf Old Man. The dialogue between Bertie and his mother also brings out laughter in the audience.
13. Following are some of the interesting points made in the debate on “New Generation Society and Communication.”
* They are glued to the internet, especially to social media.
* They are mostly careerists and are least interested in issues of social concern.
* They lack communication skills.
* They wall themselves up from society.
Being a representative of the new generation, you are not convinced of the points made. Prepare FOUR arguments substantiating your position.                                    
·         New generation respond very actively to social events through social medias and make everyone aware of the incident.
·         They make use of internet to gather lot of information.
·         Communication skills are improved and new languages can be learnt by chatting through social media.
·         They enter the virtual world of internet to build up their old and new relations and keep them strong.
14. Imagine that Rini, Nomita’s niece is a silent witness to the quarrel between Nomita and her husband. Rini feels scared and rushes to the kitchen to narrate it to the other members of the family. Prepare the narration for her.
A) I was really stunned by being a witness to the quarrel between Ajit and Nomita. . It was very shocking one. I was really scared. All the tragic things happened because of a letter Nomita found in Ajit’s pocket. It was the letter from her mother. It was found in a crumpled manner. When she asked Ajit about this, he made a lie that he simply had forgotten it. But Nomita became so angry and questioned him about this. She was really raging with anger. Ajit then told that it was only to find out any case of love letter. Then she called him ‘vulgar’. She lost her control. Ajit also went out of control and insulted her more with his sharp words. At last Nomita showed him what she could do. She burned the anchol of her beautiful saree without any fear. Ajit became shocked and put out the fire. I was really frightened at this. I feel very pained at the condition of Nomita. She is really self-sacrificing and tolerating.  She was totally helpless and could not conceal the truth from anyone.
15. Rohan, a trainee journalist has jotted down the following points when he went to cover the fraud in Gresham’s bank. HINTS: Financial fraud in the bank—MD Gresham arrested—Employees are clueless as to the real culprit—Baldwin, the close associate of the MD is the only witness—Depositors concerned
Now help him to prepare a news report on the financial fraud exposed in Gresham’s Bank.
                                                        FINANCIAL FRAUD IN THE BANK
MD Mr. John Gresham arrested for the financial mismanagement
London, Date: Mr.John Gresham the MD of National Bank was arrested yesterday for the financial mismanagement.Most of the depositors fund was plundered by the MD John Gresham.  The actual amount of mismanagement was not clearly calculated. The employess in the bank too is clueless about this fact. They did not know anything about the real culprit. Mr Baldwin, the close associate and co-worker of the MD is the only witness behind it. Nobody knows the role of Baldwin as a witness. All the depositors are very much concerned about their deposits. A great crowd was gathered in front of the bank yesterday. The police have started questioning Mr Gresham to find out his role in this crime. The case will be handed over to CBI tomorrow itself.
16. There is an adage that says: “If you educate a boy, you train a man. If you educate a girl, you train a village”. Prepare a write-up expressing your views on this in about 60 words.
        It’s said that all are equal before God, law and everything. But in reality it is not the case. It always likes to have certain discrimination on the basis of sex.
Women empowerment is a burning issue all over the world. Education of girls is a matter of serious discussion among the leaders at Global level. Only by providing education we can empower the women.
Women are the central figures of family. They give light to their family and to whole nation. So only by teaching girls, we can mould a well, perfect, healthy citizen in our Nation. They can break the shackles around them only by getting education. It is only with education, women get a good culture and behaviour. Education helps them to make their own decisions. As a result it will be inherited to their children and to future generation. Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousuf Sai is a great model in this regard. She fought for the education of girls. All the girls should consider Malala as a role model and raise their voice for a good nation. The head of the IMF Christian Lagarde insists on the 3 L’s of women empowerment ie learning, labour and leadership.
17. Your class has decided to conduct a group discussion on the topic “India- A land wonder for Young Enterpreneurs”. You are asked to initiate the discussion. Prepare the script of a presentation you would make on the occasion.
        Today we are living in an India where entrepreneurship is considered as a better choice. We witness unemployment  and poverty in large scale. Besides our population is rising high. India is one of the resourceful nations in the world. Here there are many opportunities to start an innovative enterprise and change the lives of many people. One of the famous Indian entrepreneurs is Irfan Alam, the founder and chairman of Sammaan foundation. Samman foundation plays an important role in organizing the rickshaw sector in India. We also studied about Shaheen Mistri, who started Akanksha foundation to educate children of slum areas. Likewise, our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi encourages new entrepreneurs. So it is high time to think and implement certain projects for the new generation. Today we have gathered here for making a wonderful discussion on this topic. I am very happy to invite each and every one of you for this group discussion.  According to my view point, it is the right time to express our strong determination, will power and creativity for starting good enterprises. One of the good qualities of an entrepreneur is his/her courage to take risks in life. I invite each and every one of you to contribute your valuable ideas for making this group discussion a wonderful one.
18. ‘A teacher is a friend, philosopher, guide and a mentor to the student’ Analyse the character of the teacher in the story “Crime and Punishment” in the light of this statement.
A) R.K Narayan in his story “Crime and Punishment”, strongly criticizes about the modern teaching methods and over-parenting. It is very difficult to handle the children nowadays. They don’t pay much respect and concern for their parents and teachers. The teacher in the story teaches the little boy with the purpose of claiming thirty rupees monthly. He is not so patient and gentle to the boy. The boy who is very naughty makes the teacher more aggressive. When the student repeats the mistake the teacher shows the boldness to punish him. In this story we can see a teacher who is blackmailed by his student. Whenever the boy blackmails, we can see a teacher who is very much afraid of his parents.He lacks the personality of a good teacher. Teacher is ready to do anything for the boy. The teacher was ready to play the role of a station master. He even runs behind him. He also appears to be a great mentor. He understands the feelings of the little boy and adjusts with him. He tells stories. He feels sorry for beating him.  The teacher was compelled to punish him after the repeated correction.In the end the teacher feels pity on the pathetic and desperate child. He saves the boy from his father saying that he was alright with arithmetics.  So the teacher in this story doesn’t  play the role of a friend, phiolosopher, guide and mentor. In reality a teacher should be a friend, philosopher, mentor and guide. But here the teacher cannot act like that. He even considers the boy as a little gorilla.

19. Read the following advertisement and prepare an e mail in response to it.

                             Classic Travels(Pvt) Ltd., P.O Box 149, Kochi
Qualification: Graduation in any discipline,
Age: Between 20 and 35
The ideal candidate should.
·         Possess good telephone manners & interpersonal skills.
·         Be well groomed, friendly, presentable & energetic
·         Have good communication skills in English
·         Previous experience will be an added advantage.
         Interested candidates please submit your application to immediately with a recent photograph.
                      Attractive salary and free holiday package every year.


Subject: To apply for the post of receptionist cum telephone operator
With reference to the advertisement found in the Hindu Daily, I would like to apply for the post of receptionist cum Telephone operator in your reputed firm.
I am a Graduate from Malabar University with 99% marks. I possess good communication skill in English and I am very fluent in talking very friendly and respectful manner. I have three years of working experience as a telephone operator in Taj Company. So I can be the best to your company. I express myself well groomed, friendly, presentable and energetic. I assure you if I were selected, I would devote myself maximum for the  betterment of your company.
Thanking you in advance
PS: I enclose herewith my resume.
NAME: Ragini Kumar
Address: Shanti Nagar, Bangalore
Mobile Number: 09445676564
Age: 29
Education: B.Com with Distinction
Experience: Three Years experience in Taj Company
Yours faithfully
20. The coordinators of Operation Gurukula Project of the District Panchayath are impressed by your services as the student counselor of the Souhruda Club of your school, and they decide to honour you for that. Prepare the speech that you would deliver after receiving the award. ( Hints: expression of gratitude for the honour-explanation of services rendered- your response to the honour-advice/exhortation to the audience)
A) Respected dignitaries on the dice, my dear teachers and friends,
First of all I would like to thank the Coordinators of the Gurukula Project & District Panchayath for honouring me with this award. I hope this would be an inspiration to many who work sincerely for the society. I remember a famous quotation done by Mark Twain in this regard. “Kindness is a language which the dumb can speak and the deaf can understand”. Actually it was these words that stood as inspiration for rendering my humble service in this school for the deserving students. After studying the lesson “Horegallu”, it was my ever green desire to work as a horegallu for others. I have tried my best to become a good counsellor. I tried to view their problems and miserable situations as a friend and guide. I considered their problems as mine and analysed it. I thank God the Almighty for the great honour rendered on me.
Let me tell you very frankly that I enjoyed so much peace and joy when I worked as a counsellor. I got so much happiness when I began to listen to others and suggest remedies. So my humble advice to all of you is that we should work as horegallu. Then only our life will be more blessed and honoured. We should never think of any earthly reward for our actions in this world.
Let me conclude by thanking each and every one of you who helped me to reach this level. May Almighty God bless you all.
21. You are greatly honoured by the activities of the Green Belt Movement but you decide on to launch a similar movement in your School to ensure a green campus. In order to collect more information regarding their activities, you decide to write a letter to the head of the Green Belt Movement. Prepare the letter of enquiry. ( Hints: Their activities-websites/ books giving details-support given to local units)
I am a Plus Two student studying in Florida School in Chennai. I am planning to launch a movement named “Ever Green earth” I am very much inspired by your activities on Green Belt Movement. I know your organization focuses on planting trees, environment conservation and women’s rights. I also want to implement a green Campus in our School by collecting more information about your activities.
I would like to know about the websites of Green Belt Movement and the books on it. I am also interested to know the kind of support given by your organization to local units. I hope you would forward us all the information to my E mail id .
Thanking you in advance
Yours faithfully
21. To listen to K. Satchidanandan is to be reminded that there are beautiful and different perspectives. Even a term such as ‘language’ gets a wider sense in his poems. Read the excerpt from his poem ‘The Mad’ and compare it with ‘Stammer’, focusing on their meaning, in addition to the analysis of poetic devices.

                                                                The Mad
The mad have no caste or religion. They transcend gender,
Live outside ideologies. We do not deserve their innocence.
Their language is not of dreams but of another reality. Their love is moonlight. It overflows on a full moon day.
Looking up they see gods we have never heard of. They are shaking their wings when we fancy they are shrugging their shoulders. They hold even flies have souls and the green god of grasshoppers leaps up on thin legs. In a single day they reach the big bang at the beginning. They go on walking restless for their earth is boiling still. The mad are not mad like us.
A) “Stammer” is a thought provoking poem written by Satchidanandan, the pioneer of Modern poetry in Malayalam. The poet speaks about ‘stammer’ here in a different perspective. In this poem ‘Stammer’, the poet considers it as a mode of speech. Thus the poet is very optimistic to see the good side of stammer. Those who think positively can overcome any problems in their life and achieve success in life. .
In the poem “The Mad” the poet reveals the unknown and unrecognized features of madness. When we analyse those features we can understand that they are not related to madness. Both the poems treat a common issue in a different perspective and that makes all the difference. In “Stammer’ the poet considers the stammer as a mode of speech. Most people consider ‘stammer’ as a disability. He says that stammer is not a handicap at all. He refers to it as one of the ways of speaking. He defines stammer as the silence between a word and its meaning. He even attributes stammer as a dialect or a new form of language. It is ironical when he says that even the linguists stammer on this issue. Each time we stammer, we are offering a sacrifice to the God of meanings. When a whole people stammer, it becomes their mother tongue. God too must have stammered when He created man. So we can consider stammer as a sort of poetry.
It is almost in the same manner he treats mad in the poem “The Mad”. He adopts a cosmopolitan view. He says that the mad people have no gender and their love is so pure and innocent like moonlight. They enjoy everything in a different perspective and find pleasure and beauty in watching Gods. The poet says that their language is not of dreams but of reality. They are shaking their wings and shrugging their shoulders when we fancy. They hold the view that even the flies have souls and the green god of grasshoppers leaps up on thin legs. Thus the poet is very optimistic to find good in the mad people. He even concludes that the mad are not mad like us.
Both these poems are very simple “The Mad” is a five-stanza poem. Its language is very simple. Everybody can understand the poem. The poet makes use of similes to describe certain truth. Eg. The mad people are not mad like us. There is metaphor when the poet says ‘love is moonlight’. There is the effective use of exaggeration when the poet says ‘shaking their wings’. There is irony in the line ‘The mad are not mad like us.’
Thus both these poems deal with a common subject in an extraordinary manner. The poet wants for a change in the outlook of humanity in treating stammer and madness.
22. Match box and Horegallu are the two inanimate objects which play vital roles in the stories “Match box” and “Horegallu” respectively. Do these objects serve any purpose?
A) It is really true that ‘Matchbox’ and ‘Horegallu’ play vital roles in the stories “Match Box” and “Horegallu”. These two objects assume so much importance and convey special symbolic significance in the stories.
Ashapurna Debi compares women to matchboxes. Though matchboxes are inanimate objects, they have the potential within them to light up everything into fire. But in appearance, they are meek and harmless. Often they are kept carelessly. They contain enough gun powder to fire a hundred Lankas.
When we analyse the story “Matchbox” we can understand that women are just like matchboxes. We see Nomita as a woman with self respect. She becomes angrey when her husband opens and reads her mother’s letter. She goes out of control. She upsets him by setting fire in the anchol of her own sari. It is very pity to note the living conditions of her mother. She surrenders all her self-respect and dignity. She even begs money from her daughter and son-in-law. The meek and calm nature of women is presented in the end. Nomita moves to her daily routine as if nothing had happened. Thus the author Ashapurna Debi has succeeded in bringing out the glory of womanhood. The symbol of matchbox has really succeeded in bringing out the all powerful women in Nomita. She gives the suffering picture of the Indian women in Indian families. The story also helps the reader to think about the power of women. If they are not treated with care, they will fire everything.
‘Horegallu’ written by Sudha Murthy too conveys a good moral. The author remembers her childhood days in a little village. She recalls the big banyan tree and the horegallu placed under it. People found horegallu as a comfortable place to chat and to take rest. She recalls the words of her grandfather that a horegallu is an essential part in a journey. People can unload their burdens of life to regain strength. We also see another character in the story who acts a hoegallu. It was Ratna, the author’s colleague in Mumbai. She reminded the author of the horegallu. She listened to the problems of her colleagues during the lunch break. She was a great source of comfort just like a horegallu. It is true that horegallu gives everyone the opportunity to regain their strength. The author advises us to be horegallus in our daily life. Though we cannot solve all their problems, we can be very sympathetic by listening to them patiently.
Thus these two objects serve an important purpose in the context of an Indian’s life
23. Imagine that your school is conducting an essay writing competition in connection with ‘International Women’s Day’ celebrations. You are also a contestant. The topic for the essay is “The relevance of empowering women”. Write an essay of about 200 words.
A)                           RELEVANCE OF EMPOWERING WOMEN
Women empowerment is a great issue that has achieved great importance. It has become a far reaching dream to think of a world where women can enjoy the same right as men. Women are the pride of society. They are described as the base and foundation of society. But they have been considered as the second citizens in our society. Our constitution allows equal rights for men and women.  It is at this time women empowerment assumes a relevant topic and it plays so much importance in the contemporary society.
Most of the leading countries have recognized the importance of empowering women for the development of society. It has become an important need to organize all women for the betterment of the society. As Christian Lagarde says the emancipation and empowerment of women can be achieved only through learning, labour and leadership.
There is an African adage which says, ‘if you educate a girl, you train a village’. It is to be noted that women throw light to their family and to the nation. They should be courageous to hold the whole responsibilities of the family. But nowadays we can see women are not ready to come out of their comfort zone. We can see certain personalities like Hilary Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Annie Besant who have showed powerful examples. They were leaders with a vision. They always looked for long term sustainability in everything they did. As a result they could make miracles in the world. It’s said that there is a woman behind every success of man. Madam Curie and Pirie Curie are examples for this.
According to Christian Lagarde, the Head of IMF, women can be empowered with learning, labour and leadership. Only then our country will attain economic stability.
It has become an important need in this male-dominated society to empower women in all aspects. But the situation has totally changed. Women are coming out of their comfort zone. They have come to interfere in the socio-economic and cultural activities of the society.