Monday, 5 March 2012

1.       1)Danny Donegan was an irresponsible father  who left all the burden of the family on Rose Donegan. What  advice would you give Danny to make him a responsible father? Write two pieces of advice using the following expressions:
·         You should……….A) You should be a better responsible father for your family
·         You shouldn’t ….B) You shouldn’t spoil yourself and your familyby drinking alchol.
·         You had better change your way of life and lead a comfortable life
2.  2)     Treat him gently, but do not cuddle him, because only the test of fire makes fine steel.
Here Lincoln expresses his view on how a teacher should treat the students. Do you think that your parents will agree with Lincoln? Write your opinion in a paragraph.
A)     In my view Lincoln explains the ways of a teacher in an extreme level. I am sure of that successful attempt with all the limitations. I am sure that my parents will surely agree with Lincoln’s point of view. They will be pleased to agree with his advice because they are really coming from his heart. I don’t compromise with those who ignore these instructions. If the teachers esteem these advices in a valuable manner the whole humanity will be changed. When I think of my parents I am sure that they have never cuddled me. They cared me at times I needed it. Lincoln’s motto is to be gentle with the gentle and tough with the tough. When parents pamper their children a lot it will certainly spoil their character. Cudding really reduces the self-confidence and the courage to face challenges.
If parents were too much attached with their children, they would yield to any wishes of their children. Nowadays this type of behavior is so common in our society. As Lincoln says “Only the test of fire makes fine steel”. Like wise each and every parents should teach their children to be independent and courageous and to respect and consider their parents.
3.   3)    Nowadays the number of Old Age Homes is increasing. Prepare an editorial on the problems faced by the Senior Citizens taking ideas from the lesson” The Dear Departed”.
                                 THE FUTURE OF SENIOR CITIZENS-AN UNCERTAINTY
Past, present, future has its own definite meaning, but probably we can say that future stands for the old age homes. The contemporary world is facing the mushroom growth of old age homes and the dismal state of senior citizens. Once the great playwright Shakespeare remarked in his play “The King Lear” about the money-minded nature of his daughters. I think that type of incidents take palce in our modern world too. Parents care their children too much and they spend a lot of time and effort for their sons. But unfortunately their children when becoming safe in their life they don’t look for the safety of their parents. Thus the selfish-minded sons are one of the major problems faced by the senior citizens. According to the latest senses report, the old age homes are increasing to multiple of crores.
                The youngsters often find it difficult to afford their old parents. They consider it as a shame and find it very difficult to manage them in the midst of their busy life. But it is better that they understand the truth that their balck hairs would also find a time to get white. What they do to their old parents would be returned to them in their  distant future.
                When we look newspapers daily we can see various incidents of old age people. Recently we read a news report that a mother gave all her wealth to her daughter and that daughter put her mother in chains and damped in a kennel. This story is really heart touching and reveals how money minded are the sons.  Today what the senior citizens find it so horrible is the lack of consideration and affection shown to them during their old age. There is an old saying that “Old age is a second journey to childhood”. It is really true.  When we were children, parents cared us a lot. So it is our duty to look after our parents in their old age.
                One of the reasons for the decaying state of family relationship is the growth of nuclear families in the society. Most of the people consider old parents as waste. We usually dump our wastes in the garbage pail. Like wise parents are dumped in old age homes.
                From the light of these issues, the Government should take effective steps to increase the old age pension. Strict laws should be taken to punish those guys who behave very cruelly to their parents. Everyone should realize that the old parents are a light to the home and they should ensure their safety at any cost. As students we shall love our parents more than anything in the world and we can really understand and protect them.
4.       4)“Paid by the world- what dost thou owe
Me?” –God might question, now instead,
‘Tis God shall repay: I am safer so.
The patriot in this poem is very sad at the reaction shown by the people after one year. On the eve of his execution he writes in his diary about this attitude of the world and he thinks positively of the reward he will receive from God. Prepare a diary for him
2nd February 2012
Today was really a sad day for me. Now my condition is becoming more and worse. Today I was put into jail for my years’ misdeeds. I can’t understand the mind of the people. But now I realize the fickleness of the world. They praised me a year ago and the same people curse me after one year. Oh God now I understand the futility of the worldly pleasures and the joy of the Eternity. I am sure that though the world considers me as an enemy, I am confident that You will definitely take me safe in Heaven. Tomorrow they will execute me but I am not afraid. I am happy now.
Oh God I am eagerly waiting for your heavenly reward.
5.        5) Your school is organizing a debate on “ Advertisements in the Visual Media and its influence on youngsters” Those who spoke against presented the following points.
·         Advertisements mislead the youngsters.
·         They do not provide correct information
·         They make our pockets empty
·         They create boredom.
If you are to speak for the topic, which points would you use? List FOUR points.
·         Advertisements are good for introducing a particular product in the society.
·         They provide more information about the product, its cost and other offers.
·         They also make us believe the effectiveness of a product
·         People find it easier to locate the places for purchasing a particular product


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