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1. Imagine that Richard Wright, after he had become well known, gets the chance to advise a young man who is about to start work as a teacher. Write in three sentences, the advice that Wright would give the young man.
1. You should be punctual
2. You should not show partiality
3. You should be patient
2. . You are impressed by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam's speech 'Let's Respond to India's Call'. You wish to explain the speech to the students of the upper primary section of your school. Write in three sentences the main points that you plan to highlight.
• Kalam has three visions for India – freedom, development and India must stand up to the world
• India is a highly developed country but Indians are so shy to accept it
• The media is highly negative

3.  Prepare a write up on the 'influence of Media in the Modern Society.
Media has played the role of an eye-opener since the time of Aristotle. In a democratic country media play a vital role in creating, moulding and reflecting public opinion. It touches almost every aspect of our public life. Media plays a very important role in enlightening and educating people. It plays a major role in awakening people against many evils in the society. Media can create scientific temper among the students. It has exposed a number of corrupt practices and hidden deals thereby putting a check on the corruption in the society. It serves as a bridge between the government and the people. The media has a major role in promoting communal harmony. It can also inculcate patriotism, nationalism and love for the country. Media influences the society in a negative way also. The vulgarity displayed in the advertisements, serials and music videos should be checked. This influences the young generation a lot. There is an increasing tendency to project trivial things and fashions of the rich and advertise a consumeristic life style beyond the reach of the majority.
One may conclude that media plays a great role in nation building. The owners and managers must realise their responsibility towards the society and aim to provide information that is clean and reliable. The media acts as the watch dog of the society. It should be used properly in nation building.
4. . Imagine that you are a teacher. Communicate Lincoln's views to your students in the form a speech.
Dear students, Recently I read a letter written by Abraham Lincoln. I would like to share the content of the letter with you. Lincoln is asking his son's teacher to do certain things which will make his son a nice citizen. His son should be able to understand that he is living in a society which is a mixture of good and bad people. He can see around him dedicated leaders and also selfish politicians. As a boy he should cultivate reading habit but at the same time he should be able to spend time to enjoy the beauty of nature. He should know that it is far more honorable to fail than to attain success in a foul way. He should have his own views about life and he should not be just an imitator of the crowd. Let him be a good listener. He should be able to filter what is good. He should learn to be an optimist and should not be envious of others' success. He should know that there is nothing wrong in shedding tears. Allow him to use his intellectual and physical abilities to its maximum so that he can be wealthy. But he should never sell his conscience. Let him face problems from his childhood onwards because by facing bitter experiences one can attain success in life. This letter by Abraham Lincoln is really a praiseworthy one. As students if you follow his words, you can also be very nice citizens.
Thank you
5. The author realized that Rose had pawned the birthday gift to buy milk for her baby brother. A fresh wave of pity swept over him. This experience haunted his mind and he could not shake it off. The author made an entry in his diary that evening. What would he have written in his diary?
4 July, 2013
Unbelievable! Really I feel proud of her. How can a girl of fourteen be so sacrificing? To give up such a nice dress … Is she an angel? She acts like a perfect mother. She really needs a change. The burden on her shoulder is so tiring. I should do something. Yes I should consult the parish priest. Oh
God ! Please be with her.

6. . A review of the poem 'The Patriot – An Old Story'
'The Patriot – An Old Story' is a fine dramatic lyric by Robert Browning. The poem centers on the universal theme of the fickleness of popular favour. The poem opens with the grand arrival of the patriot to the town. He is presented as an acclaimed leader. The people overwhelmed with joy on seeing the patriot whom they consider as their idol. They would even fetch the bright sun for him, had he asked for it. It was a year ago. As the poem proceeds, the reader witnesses a sudden shift in the attitude of the public. The patriot’s effort t bring good to his people is severely criticized by the public and they pronounce verdict for his 'misdeeds'. He is led to the scaffold for execution. On his final march to the scaffold, the public express their hatred towards him in the most malicious manner. Obviously, his life is a failure in this world but he gains spiritual victory. Now he can present himself before God and get the reward for his deeds from the Almighty. The pictorial quality enhances the beauty of the poem. We get two word pictures. One is the triumphant entry of the patriot into the town and the other is the disgraceful journey of the same man to the scaffold. Moreover, the judicious use of rhyme, alliteration, assonance etc. add to the musical quality of the poem. The poem reinforces Browning's faith that life's imperfections and strivings are only a prelude to the perfection of the after life. The poem has the rhyme scheme 'abab'.
7. .The film club of your school is organizing a two day festival on Adoor Gopalakrishnan's films. As the secretary of the club you are asked to prepare a biographical sketch of Adoor Gopalakrishnan to introduce him to the audience. Write a short biographical note on him in about 80 words.
(Hints : born 3rd July 1941 – acted in amateur plays – course in screen play writing advanced direction from Pune Film Institute in 1962 – first film Swayamvaram [1972]- other films –
Elipathayam (1981)m Mathilukal (1989) Nalupennungal (2007)- Awards- Padmavibhooshan, Padmasree... Films screened at Film Festivals held at Cannes, Venice, Berlin etc.)
Ans.Adoor Gopalakrishnan was born on 3rd July 1941. Earlier he acted in amatuer plays. He completed a course in screen play writing and advanced film direction from Pune Film Institute in1962. His first film was Swayamvaram directed in 1972. His famous films are Elipathayam (1981), Mathilukal (1989) and Nalupennungal (2007). His films won many state and national film awards. He was awared Padmavibhooshan and Padmasree. His films were screened at Film Festivals held in Cannes, Venice and Berlin.
9. The famous film director Adoor Gopalakrishnan, is visiting your school to inaugurate a film festival. Prepare a press release in 50-60 words.
Press Release
Office of the Principal
GVHSS Kollam
Film Festival
A film festival will be held on 18th January 2013 in our school. Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the famous film director will inaugurate the function. The function will start at 10 a.m. In the school auditorium. Welcome speech will be delivered by Mr. Mathew Jose (PTA President) , Mr. Aji (Staff Secretary) and Mr. Venu ( Secretary of the Arts Club) will felicitate the gathering. Pather Panchali by Sathyajit Ray and Akale by Shyamaprasad will be screened from 11.30 a.m. Onwards.
10     'The news struck me like fork lightning'. 'My God” Why didn't I think of that ? Of course, he would be marvellous in films'. Imagine that Charlie Chaplin wrote his diary that night. What would be his feelings ? Write the diary entry.
Ans.Oh ! How unfortunate I am ? The news is really shocking. Why didn't I think of that before? I could have done wonders by making him act in my films. Really unbelievable. Arbuckle is so fortunate. Jack will be his lucky star. I am sure that his films will be blockbusters. No use in weeping over a lost cause. Arbuckle has signed him up and probably has ideas similar to mine. I should plan something else and should be more careful in future. How can I forget Jackie's sweet face. He is a marvellous boy.
11. An appreciation of the poem 'Middle Age'.
'Middle Age' speaks of the dismal state of a mother whose love is rejected by her teenaged son. It vividly conveys,for painful experiences. Middle age is described in the poem as an age of solitude and neglect. The children of yesterday burst out of the protective cover ofa a motherly affection. They start criticizing and scolding the mother. The mother realises that she is growing old and her son is no more 'her own'. She cherishes their childhood plays and weeps secretly. To her, son is everything. But he wants her only for their daily chores like 'serving tea and for pressing clothes'. Earlier she found time to amuse her son with fanciful plays but now he turns away from her in disgust. This is the middle age of the mother. The poet frankly reminds the mother she is no longer so young and that it is time to wake up from her dream world. This is a true confessional poem and it is intensely personal in treatment and at the same time universal in theme. It is an unrhymed poem.
12. Given below are some of the points raised by a group to support the topic 'Reality Show- A Boon or Bane'. Write four points against the topic.
4. Develops self confidence
5. Removes stage fear
6. Improves talents
7. Develops competitive spirit
• a waste of time
• creates stress and tension in contestants
• creates unhealthy competition among the contestants
• a waste of money
• youngsters try to imitate what they see on the screen
Q.1) Imagine you met Mr.Nuttel on his way running for his life from Mrs.Sappleton’s house. What advice would you give him as a friend?
A) You should be bold enough to face the realities of life. A) You need not get worried. A) Why don’t you behave courageously in such situations?
     2)  Jackie Coogan was surprised when he was summoned by Charlie Chaplin. That night Jackie’s father wrote a diary. Write the diary of Jack Coogan.

January  30th  2014                                                                                                                                                       10.30 pm

It is such a pleasant day. The meeting with Charlie Chaplin was really unexpected. I feel honoured that he wanted my son to act in his film. I was really glad to hear that this film would give my son an opportunity in life. Anyway I thank God. Jackie is a nice boy. Actually the amusing performance done by my son  at Orpheum gave him this chance. I feel it would be a good experience for my son in the film field. Charlie Chaplin is such a fine gentleman. He is superb in comedy. Anyway I am happy . May God bless him to do his work well.

3.       In his speech Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says that our media is only obsessed with this bad news, failures and disasters. Do you agree with this? Write your opinion in a paragraph.
Yes I really agree with his views. Our media to a certain extent is obsessed with bad news more than positive strokes and refreshing news. Really India gives more freedom to people almost in all fields. The media too gets the privilege of absolute freedom to express themselves. But it is very pity that they highlight bad news of death, failures and disaster. Every day we read more about crimes of our own people. Most of the pages in the newspapers are filled with gory details of disasters and death. It is good that the newspapers report all these things. But they should keep a balance in this matter. It is very horrible that the first page of our newspapers highlight such negative news. Even the sports page is not left with this type of news. See the caption”India Pak war begins today” for a cricket match. It is good to keep in mind that the negative news highlight only the papers’ moral value and commitment to society. If a foreigner reads our papers, they feel bad about our culture. So this terrible situation should be changed and medias should give priority to positive news to refresh people to do more good.
4.       The patriot’s efforts to bring good to his people is really criticized by the public and he is sentenced to be hanged. Suppose you got a chance to interview the patriot on the eve of his execution. Write FOUR questions that you would ask him and the likely responses.
A)      Me: Good mornig sir,
Patriot: Good morning. Why are you here? Do you want to throw stones at me?
Me: Oh! I am really sorry. I am not here to throw stones at you. Am here because I love you so much. I would like to spend some time with you.
Patriot: What do you want to talk?
Me: Well.. I appreciate you on your courage to be a patriot. What makes you to be a patriot?
Patriot: I love my mother country more than anything. I always want to serve my country. I feel the nature around me quenches all my thirst. So I feel satisfied and happy when In do something for my country.
Me: So you mean you are a born patriot?
Patriot: Well…You can say like that. My father was a patriot like me. It is his dedication and devotion to mother country that I am here. I want to die for my country doing well.
Me: Do you still remember the lovely welcome you got last year?
Patriot: Yes ..I do remember that warm welcome. I was very much impressed by their deep concern. But I can’t understand that what made them act so cruelly? I feel totally broken now.
Me: So what you reap you get. Am I right?
Patriot.: Exactly. Although my people turn against me, I feel that God will reward me in the next world. So I consider this sentence as a blessing.
Me: Oh dear patriot, I really congratulate you on your courage and great spirit. I will always remember you .
Patriot: Thank you for your concern and I wish all success in your life. I feel a great honour that you spent your valuable time for making me happy. May God bless you.
5.       Prepare an introductory announcement for the play “The Lottery Ticket”.
A)      Respected Principal, Teachers and my friends,

We are here to watch the dramatic form of the story “The Lottery Ticket”. This is really a wonderful story that depicts the impulse of the human mind. The story revolves round two characters-Ivan Demetrich and Masha. The couple lead an average family life. They dream when they look the result of the lottery ticket. This playwright has succeeded in maintaining the hope and joy in the characters Ivan Demetrich and Masha. The story has a good climax and all of you will be very anxious to know their feelings. It is true that all of you will be moving with their dreams. This play will teach you how to be realistic in our life and not to go with day dreams in our life. We can see how the shattering of their dreams make them feel so sad. Let’s really enjoy this play “The Lottery Ticket”.
6.       Prepare an editorial highlighting the evil effects of alcoholism to be published in your School magazine.
A)                                              ALCOHOLISM: THE CURSE ON SOCIETY
Youngsters are the pillars of developing India. But our youngsters have been caught by an evil. The evil is none other than alcoholism. Alcoholism  has become an addiction for the society. Today the young generation is going after alcoholism. Most of the adults make the excuse that they want to forget their sorrows. Besides they want to enjoy their life.
It is always for a company that the youngsters start taking alcohols. But gradually they become addicted to it. Even the females are engaged in this. Now the modern Kerala is following the western style imbibing the pleasure of alcoholism. We read in the news paper that even the young children are enjoying the taste of alcohols from their houses. We also read that a child was admitted in the hospital taking excessive alcohol. They find it adventurous to use it. Today many adults indulge in many crimes due to alcohol. They get more courage and confidence to do crimes. As a whole our society is deprived of moral values. Alcoholism has a greater effect on the society too. The more the rate of alcoholic consumption the more the number of criminals increase. Today road accidents increase due to alcoholism. The growing insecurities among families is also due to this evil practice.
It’s time that we have to start remedial measures against this evil habit. We know that alcoholism is also affecting the physical body condition. So more care should be done to conduct awareness programmes and rehabilitation centers. Let’s hope for a better society. Surely a better society will reward a bright future.
7.       Your School is organizing an awareness campaign on the benefits of Ayurveda. Prepare a press release of the campaign.

                                                             ABC H S S NEWDELHI
     PRESS RELEASE       
                                                             Phone No. 048789995445
                                         AYURVEDA: The traditional Goldmine of India
Dear Friends,
                       Our School is organizing an awareness campaign on the benefits of Ayurveda on March 25th 2014 in our School auditorium from 1 PM to 3 PM. It would be an elightening programme. Many experts in Ayurveda will handle the class.
                                               ALL ARE WELCOME TO BE A PART OF IT.


8.       After the success of her first space flight in Columbia, Kalpana Chawla’s father congratulated her. Write two congratulatory sentences that he might have told her.
A)      Hearty Congratulations dear my daughter Kalpana, You have done a wonderful job and I feel proud of being your Dad.
B)      Really a good job my dear daughter. I feel immense pleasure on congratulating you on this occasion.

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