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1.        The narrator in “Lifting the Veil”, comes across the following spot in Northern Thailand. DO NOT LITTER. Write two other sign posts.
2.        Imagine you were present in the court when the trial of the Peckham murder case was going on. Back home you decided to write about the incidents to one of your friends. Write the letter to your friend.
                Dear Friend,
                                        Hope you are doing well. How is your new School. What about your study? I am writing this letter to share an experience. You might have read about the Peckham murder case in the Newspapers. I was there in the court when the trial was going on.
                                        As you know Mrs. Parker our neighbour was killed two days ago. It was a strange murder done by Adams. There were four witnesses  and everybody present in the court was sure that the man in the dock would get punishment. Mrs. Salmon was sure of his guilt. She had seen him in Mrs. Parker’s house. She can’t forget his ugly face and blood- shot eyes. But the trial had an unexpected turn.. The counsel for the defence had brought his twin brother. Mrs.Salmon was shocked on seeing him at the back of the court. She was totally confused and the court set Mr.Adams free.
                                    When I was about to leave the court, a terrible incident happened. One of the twins was pushed onto the road. A bus took his life. Everybody was thinking it as a divine vengeance to the criminal. I know you are very much interested in detective stories. This incident will make you more interesting. Hope this letter helped you to know more about the evil- mided people. They are selfish to do anything for money. I request your prayers for the departed soul of Mrs. Parker.
                                   Convey my regards to all in your family. Awaiting your reply.
                                                                                                                                Yours lovingly
                Adress on the envelope                                                                          NAME 
3.        In the poem, “The Express”, the poet glorifies the world of machines more than the beauty of Nature.  What enchants you more, machines or nature? Express your ideas in a paragraph.
A). Nature enchants me more than machines. Nature is indeed more beautiful . All romantic poets praised the beauty of nature and they considered  Nature as a friend and guide.  According to me nature enchants me the most. Nature really wonders us and helps us to lead a successful life. The music and other natural sounds really give us pleasure. It excites our mind. But machines are product of human beings and there is nothing exciting in their sound. They can only destroy our mother earth. They even make us lazy. It is really nature which  always inspires us to think. It even heals the wounds of the human mind
4. Imagine that you are a journalist. You are inspired by the speech of Chief Seattle. Prepare a newspaper report of the speech.
                                                                                TEARS SHED FOR NATURE
                                By Ajith Prakash
Place: 21st March 2014; It is a sport for men to destroy nature. Nowadays people are treating nature as their enemy . I was very much inspired by the speech done by Mr.Chief Seattle yesterday in the City Town Hall. He was invited there for the inauguration of the public Nature Club. The powerful speech he made was really an eye opener to all of us.
 He reminded that Nature and men are the members of the same family. We should have the feeling that we are the part of the Earth. He said that white people are really savages. The White people’s cruelty led to their ultimate end.  It is a truth that we all are the creations of one God. The colour of the blood is the same for both red Indians and White people. He exhorted all to stand united for a new life. He requested everyone to consider the air, water and every other creature as precious and sacred. It was a good thing that Chief Seattle asked the authorities to teach their children about the good deeds of their fore-fathers.
Through this speech, Chief Seattle reminded all of us the importance of Nature and all other creatures  in our life.
5.        Bernard Shaw said, “All autobiographies are lies”. Do you agree with this statement? Write THREE statements either agreeing or disagreeing with the statement
A)       I think Shaw is partially true because some people write only about their achievement in their autobiography.
B)       I strongly believe that autobiographies are true facts because nobody will write fake stories about their life.
C)       I think that one can never reveal their privacy completely in their autobiography.
6.        As the president of the Residents Association of your area, you want to make the members aware of the menace of the hire-purchase system. Prepare the speech.
A)       Respected dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen,
As the President of the Residential association I am very proud that our area has become one of the leading associations. It is because of our social- committed activities we could achieve this fame. Today I am standing before you to make you aware of the menace of the hire-purchase system.  As you all know that modern people are going after hire purchase system. Many young people are addicted to this evil practice. They are interested to buy many valuable things under instalments. It really troubles them. Most of the people find it very difficult to repay the loan. Finally they commit suicide.
I think you all might have read the play “Never Never Nest” written by Cedric Mount. In this play young couples Jack and Jill buy everything under hire purchase scheme and they pay more money in instalments. It is very shame that they own their own baby by paying the cheque presented by their aunt.
                Hire purchase system is really a curse to our society. It really affects the smooth running of our life. It only helps the poor to become more poor.
7.        Elizabeth and Lady Catherine are the two female characters in the novel “Pride and Prejudice”. Pick out the appropriate traits for each character and write a paragraph comparing and contrasting them. ( Loving, Class Conscious, Arrogant, Intelligent, Quick-witted, Bold, Dominating) Elizabeth:- Loving,  Intelligent, Quick-witted lady Catherine:- Arrogant, class conscious bold and dominating
Elizabeth and Lady Cathrine are the two prominent lady characters in the novel “Pride and Prejudice”. Elizabeth  is the second daughter of Mr and Mrs. Bennet.  She is really an intelligent character in the novel “Pride and Prejudice”.Besides she is witty and loving.  The novel really moves around her traits .But her sin is prejudice. She understands the true character of Darcy only at the end . She accepts his proposal only in the end. She loves all at family especially Jane the family beauty.
But Lady Catherine is very class conscious and arrogant character in the novel. So she opposes the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth. Lady Catherine even threatens Elizabeth to  avoid the relationship with Darcy. Elizabeth  warned her  not to marry Darcy. Lady Catherine always has a dominating tone of conversation. But Elizabeth is not at all afraid of  Lady Catherine’s  warning and taught her a lesson .
8.        Imagine that the poet Robert Frost, the author of “The Road Not Taken” is visiting your School. You want to interview him to know more about him. Write FOUR questions which you would like to ask him. Also write the responses you extract from him.
Myself: Good Morning Sir, I would like to ask you a few questions. Is the poem “The Road Not Taken” a sum total of your life?
Robert Frost: You are totally right. It is really my life that has become that poem. I was really confused with the two choice in my life.  One was to become a teacher and the other to become a poet. I thought about it for a long time and took the less travelled path and it made all the difference in my life.
Myself:- Good, you are really great. Let me ask you one thing. What is the force that inspired you to write poems on nature?
Robert Frost: oh! It is very simple that I get more peace and happiness when I am with
Nature.  When I was a child I spent much time with nature and nature provided me everything.
Myself:- Do you think that experience is at the core of your poems?
Robert Frost: Of course. It is what I experienced in my life that really helped me to write more poems. Almost all my poems are related with my life situations.
Myself:- Do you have any message to young generation?
Robert Frost: My message to the young generation is to chase their dreams with hard work. They should be ready to travel through difficult ways. Besides they should make use of all the opportunities of life.
Myself:- Thank you very much for sparing your precious time for me.
9.        Prepare a short write-up on language families and the resemblance between Hindi and English.
A)       It is very interesting to study about different language families. There are more than 7000 different languages all over the world.  They are again divided into 200 families. One of the large families among them is the Indo European family. Some of the languages in India and English are members of this particular family.
Hindi and English are the two members of the indo European family. It is very difficult to find any resemblance between the two. But we can find some resemblance between Hindi and English. The English word ‘cow’ and the Hindi word ‘ghai’ are both originated from the Indo-European word ‘gwous’ . The word for ‘warm’ in Latin is thermos, in Hindi, Garam and the English word is ‘warm’. Thus we can find resemblances  between Hindi and English.
10.     Milton Davidson was arrested and put in prison. He was really shocked to know that his computer Joe had betrayed him. He wrote his diary that night. Write the likely diary entry of Milton.
A)                                                                        DIARY                                                   Date
Today was an extraordinary day for me. It was the most awaited day for me. But everything was upset within no time. I was betrayed by my personal computer Joe. How could he cheat me? It’s all my fault. I changed him into the most brilliant computer of this world. I feel ashamed of wasting all my time. I didn’t think that he will betray me. I trusted him more than anything. But he betrayed me. He published all my secret activities to the Police. He even makes love with my beloved Charity Jones. He made plans to take my true love “Charity”. I couldn’t bear this evil deed. I will never forgive him. I shouldn’t have revealed all my thoughts to him. He made use of all these details to betray me. Tomorrow is Valentine ’s Day. She will arrive and see me in this prison. I lost everything . Now I am totally disappointed. I hope and pray to God that one day I will take revenge on Joe.
11.     You went on a tour from your School  to Bangalore according to the following itinerary. Prepare a travelogue recording your feelings, experiences, impressions etc.
A)       We went on a three- day tour from School this year. We started from our School in an A/c Volvo bus early in the morning on 17th Feb 2014. We were a jolly group of forty eight students and five teachers. Our tour was to last three days. Mysore, Wayanad and Bangalore were the places on our tour itinerary.
We reached Wayanad in the afternoon on the first day. We had had our lunch at Kozhikode. We went to visit a few interesting places like Edakkal Caves, Pookode lake and Muthanga forest. The climate in Wayanad was cold and humid. The scenery was breathe-taking. We spent the night atop tree houses in a jungle resort. We had a camp-fire and it was real fun.
Early in the next day we set out for Bangalore. Bangalore is an overcrowded city. It was a thrilling experience to all of us. It was far beyond our expectation. We visited a couple of modern malls, the Lal Bagh and the Vidhan Saudha. Bangalore was full of bustling vehicles, blooming buildings and criss-crossing fly-overs. We said good-bye to Bangalore in night and we set out to Mysore. We slept on the bus to save on hotel expenses.
Early in the next morning we took a few rooms in a cheap hotel to freshen up. We had a vegetarian breakfast and went for sightseeing. It was really adventurous to climb the Chamundi hills at Mysore. The view of Mysore city from the top of the hills was picturesque. Then we visited the Mysore Palace. It was really spectacular. The fine architecture and exquisite structural beauty captivated us all. We started our return trip late in the night and reached our School the next morning.
12.     The poem “As I grew Older” presents befor us racial discrimination that the Blacks face in America. Suppose the poet and his friend hold a rally against the racial discrimination. One slogan is given below. Prepare TWO other slogans.

13.     The rabbits in the essay ”The Reason” decides to put up a poster warning other animals about the cruelty of man towards them. Write the script for the poster.


14.     How to prepare a note of appreciation or review of a poem (comparing and contrasting)?
1.        Divide your answer into FOUR paragraphs.
2.        First paragraph should be the summary of the unknown poem that you have in the question paper
3.        Second paragraph should be all other relevant details of the unknown poem like rhyming wordsrhyme scheme, alliteration, assonance, musical quality, tone, mood of the poet, language used etc.
4.        Third paragraph should be the summary of the known poem.
5.        Fourth paragraph should be all other relevant details of the known poem like rhyming words, rhyme scheme, alliteration, assonance, musical quality, tone mood of the poet, language used etc.

“The Prayer of the Woods” is a short poem which deals with the Nature. It is really a short and simple poem. It really conveys the sorrows of Nature.
At the time of our birth, Wood is there to love you. The most favourite cradle is made of wood to have rest for man. During severe winter night wood is burnt to provide you the heat. The wood is giving out its life for the human beings. In summer season, when we are tired by the rays of sun, trees are there to provide you the shelter and talk to you as a friend. When we are on a  journey, fruits of these trees provide you with refreshing food and quench our thirst.
This poem is made in such a manner that we get a feeling that the tree talks to us its feeling of sorrow. It has a smooth tone and a simple style.
 Gieve Patel’s ‘On Killing a Tree’ is a sarcastic poem about man’s indiscriminate destruction of trees. The tree is presented as an enemy to man. Man is presented as a professional killer who thinks of all possible ways to torture the tree.The poem begins ironically, describing the crime committed by the tree. For years it has consumed the earth’s crust. Like a thief it has absorbed sunlight, air and water and has grown up like a giant. So the tree must be killed. But it is not an easy task. A simple jab of the knife will not do it. From close to the ground it will rise up again and grow to its former size. It will again become a threat to man. So the tree should be tied with a rope and pulled out entirely. Its white, bleeding root should be exposed. Then it should be browned and hardened and twisted and withered and it is done.The poem gives a realistic picture of man’s attitude towards trees. The tree is his greatest friend. But man is so foolish that he doesn’t realize the fact that he is cutting his own throat when he cuts a tree.

Both these poems have the same theme but in a different angle. The Prayer of the Woods is the out-pouring of the feelings of the tree. But the poem “On Killing a Tree” is the expression of the man’s utter cruelty to destroy nature. Trees are considered   here as the enemy of men. Thus both these poems are written with the sole aim of protecting trees. The first poem makes us aware of the truth of protecting trees

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