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                                                HIGHER SECONDARY MODEL EXAMINATION -2015
                                                                                PART I ENGLISH
 (Ques 1-2)  Read the following excerpt from the story “The Serang of Ranaganji” and answer the questions that follow.
“Look, my dear! Did you ever in your life see such an absurdly comic creature!”
1. Who is the speaker? A) Miss Jope Smith is the speaker
2. What is your personal impression about the serang?
A) The character of Hasan deserves high praise.  In appearance Hasan is an ugly native seaman with short legs and a large disproportionate head. According to my viewpoint, he is really human. He possessed all the good characteristics of a good human being. We should not judge a person only by his outward appearance. He worked as a lascar of the ship ‘Ranaganji’.He is sincere, truthful and completely dedicated to his duty.  I am very much impressed by his character when he took two small pox patients to the Doctor’s deck. It shows that he was greatly concerned about the sick. Hassan seemed to be the finest man to assist and support the doctor. He could read the doctor’s mind than anyone else. Another thing I liked most is his attitude to money. He says that what use is money Doctor Sahib, to one who has all he needs? This shows that he is really contented with what he has. He has not earned anything for himself. He dedicated his life for others. He never makes any complaint when more and more people were affected with small pox. He watched them all through the night. He didn’t speak much and never expected any reward. He found selfless- service more important than anything else. Finally I am very much impressed by his religious tolerance. Though a muslim by religion, he read aloud a passage from the Ramayana before the burial of the dead. Above all he is impressed by his courage, self control,  simplicity and dedication.
3.” Another interesting sideline to this performance is that if any member of Nebukelevu village is present, then the turtles will not rise to the surface of the bay, and the turtle calling will have to be abandoned” (The Sacred Turtles of Kadavu)
Why do you think the turtles not rise to the surface of the bay if any member of the Nebukelevu village is present? Explain in two or three sentences.                                         
I think the turtles do not rise to the surface of the bay if any member of the Nebukelevu village is present because the turtles are afraid of those people of Nebukelevu. Long ago, the fishermen of the Nebukelevu seized the chief princess of Namuana, ie. Tinaicoboga and her daughter Raudalice when they were engrossed in fishing. The Gods of the sea became angry with the cruel fishermen and the two women became turtles and saved themselves. It is the descendents of that two women rising from the sea by hearing the chant sung by the Namuana villagers.
4. Fill in the following passage choosing the right word given in the box
Namely, since, first, although
There are three separate sources of hazard in the process of supplying energy by nuclear power. (a) First, the radioactive material must travel from its place of manufacture to the power station. (b)Although the power stations themselves are solidly built, the containers used for the transport of the materials are not. There are normally only two methods of transport available,(c) namely road or rail. Unfortunately, both of these involve close contact with the general public,(d) since the routes are sure to pass near heavily populated areas.
5. “Adversities in life makes us better, not bitter” Prepare a speech on this topic taking ideas from the Unit ‘Glimpses of Greatness”.
Respected teachers and my dear friends,
It’s my privilege to speak a few words on the topic “adversities in life makes us better, not bitter”. It’s true that “Hard Times makes a man perfect”, because it is only when we have difficult situations we come out of our hidden potentials. It is very important to face challenges in life. It’s only by facing challenges, we can become successful.
When we look into the lives of great personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller we can understand their attitude to adversities helped them to achieve greatness. They really became successful by inspiring others with their life. If we look into the life of Stephen Hawking, we can understand how he takes his adversities of life. He was affected with a rare disease ‘amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’ at his tender age of twenty one and was completely paralyzed. But he was not ready to go down. He faced the reality as a challenge and continued his work till he became the ‘supernova of Physics’. It’s really our attitude to adversities that change our life. We should not be discouraged by our failures and limitations. Instead we should realize our talents and cherish them with a strong mind.
Similarly the adversities faced by Abraham Lincoln helped him to reach the heights of greatness. He became the President of America. If we consider the story of a seagull in the lesson “His First Flight”, we can understand how the adversities enabled him to fly high. The young sea gull was shy and fearful. He couldn’t fly like his parents and brothers. One day his parents left him alone only to make him independent. Thus he could fly inspite of his adverse situations.
Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam in his speech ‘I will Fly’, tells about a boy who was very fearful to ask any questions to his teachers. But Kalam motivated him by citing a poem “I Will Fly”. Yes…. Everyone of us has potentials. We should realize that we are unique in our ways.
The poem “If” written by Rudyard Kipling instructs us to cultivate good traits of  a good leader. This poem is really an advice from a father to his son on ‘how to grow up to be a better person and a true man”. The message of the poem is that success comes from self control and a true sense of values.
Yes, we should try to be unique in our own ways and we can fly high fighting adversities in life. Let’s stand together to imbibe good values for leading a better life. With these words I conclude my speech.
(Qns 6-7) Read the following lines from the poem “Death the Leveller” and answer the questions that follow.
                “Sceptre and Crown Must tumble down,
                And in the dust be equal made With the poor crooked scythe and spade”.
6. What do ‘sceptre and crown’ and ‘scythe and spade’ stand for?
A) Sceptre and Crown refer to the ornamental rod of the king, a symbol of power and royal glory. Scythe and spade usually refers to a tool that is used to cut trees and plants. It stands for the ordinary life of peasants.
7. Elaborate the idea in the above lines.
A) The poet presents the universal theme that death knows no distinction and carries all alike- high and low, rich and poor, strong and weak. The status in the society will not act as a sheath against death. They are mere shadows. Every creature in this living world finally surrenders to death. The king who was victorious should surrender to death. It’s our good deeds that will speak louder than words. Death acts as an equalizer and leveler in all sense.
8. The following information is about the famous scientist Einstein. Prepare a profile of him.
German- Swiss-U S. Scientist Birth-March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany, Father- Hermann Einstein, salesman and engineer; Mother- Pauline Einstein; Childhood- showed signs of speaking problems- learned to speak at a late age- elementary education at a Catholic School in Munich- average student
Achievements- received Diploma as Teacher of Physics and Mathematics- Doctorate from University of Zurich in 1905- published concepts of Photoelectric Effect. Mass- energy equivalence formula E = mc2- general theory of relativity in 1915; Nobel Prize for Physics -1921 for his work on photoelectric effect. Spouse- Mileva Maric (1903-1919), Elsa Lowentha l(1919- 1936); Death- April 18, 1955, Princeton, USA
                                                                ALBERT EINSTEIN- A GLOWING STAR OF EXCELLENCE
Albert Einstein also known as German-Swiss-Us scientist was born on March 14th 1879 at Ulm in Germany. His father was Hermann Einstein who was a salesman and an engineer. His mother was Pauline Einstein. Einstein in his childhood was very shy and showed signs of speaking problems. He learned to speak at a later age.
 He completed his elementary education at a Catholic School in Germany. He was considered as an average student. In spite of all his limitations, he became a well known scientist in the world. He received Diploma as Teacher of Physics and took Doctorate from University of Zurich in 1905. He published the concepts of photo electric effect and introduced mass-energy equivalent formula E=MC2. He also brought out the general theory of relativity in 1915.
 He won Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his work on the photo electric effect. His spouse was Mileva Maric from 1903 to 1919 and Elsa Lowentha from 1919 to 1936. He breathed his last on 18th April 1955 at Princeton in USA.

9. Your class has to conduct a debate on the topic “Physical Education should be made a part of the HSS curriculum”. Prepare FOUR arguments in favour of the topic.
a) Physical Education should be made a part of the HSS curriculum because it helps the students to develop their mental ability.
b) It will make the students to have a change in their modern life style.
c) Students will be more energetic and refreshed. It will keep them away from different diseases.
d)It activates the intellectual faculty of the students.
10. Imagine you were a passenger in the balloon ‘Le Horla’. Later a newspaper reporter interviewed you. The following are some of the questions asked by the reporter. Write your responses to these questions.
Reporter: What prompted you to take the risky trip?
You: (1) My interest to take adventurous journey prompted me to take the risky trip.
Reporter: What were your feelings when the balloon started rising?
You: (2) When the balloon started rising, I was very excited. At first I was little astonished by the beautiful scenes of Paris city. We felt that we were really gliding in the sky.
Reporter: How did you feel when the balloon started descending rapidly?
You:  (3) When the balloon started descending rapidly, I felt all the things were going down and I felt little panic and tensed. But our captain was encouraging all the time to enjoy the wonderful trip.
Reporter: How did the peasants in Belgium receive you when the balloon landed?
You: (4) The Belgian peasants  made huge applause and helped us to a great extent. They helped in packing the carriage and getting into our vehicles more quickly.They treated us as if we were coming from outer space.
11. Gandhiji said, “Women will enjoy the same right as men………….This is the India of my dreams”
What can we do to empower the women of our nation? Express your views in the form of an essay.
                                                WOMEN  EMPOWERMENT AND  ECONOMIC   DEVELOPMENT
Introduction:  Women empowerment is a great issue that has achieved importance recent times. A world in which women enjoy the same right as men is a far reaching dream for us today. The main reason behind this is the increasing cruelties against women.
Women have a central role to play in the development process, but their particular needs and rights are often not reflected in development policies and practices. Women have been considered as the second citizens in our society. Our constitution allows equal rights for men and women, but they are not implemented properly. It is a fact that women are reaching heights even in the adversities. But the question is how can we ensure the rights and needs of women?
Women have a great role in the development of a nation. The new generations spring from them. They are said to be the backbone of the nation. It is said that there is woman behind every success of man. Women possess great talents and potentials. Still they are not well recognized.
If we analyze the case of women, we can understand that they are neglected from all spheres of life, even in their family. Men are not treating them as human beings and behave very cruelly.  Even in this 21st century, all the girls are not getting equal opportunity for education and they are getting married at an early age. If this is the condition our country is sure to become a derelict nation. Women have to do the world’s agricultural work, producing food for their families, but often they cannot own or inherit  the land they work or live in. The situation of women is often hard and dangerous in developing countries. The reason behind this situation is poverty,  inequality, social attitudes, illiteracy and violent conflict.
At this situation we have to do something to empower the women. As students it should be our responsibility to respect women. It is high time to ensure measures for ensuring safety for women. Women empowerment should start from the family itself as it is the basic structure of the society. The males should also be involved in household duties like cooking, cleaning etc. As students we should visit our neighbours to study the situations and take adequate awareness to solve women’s problems. Women should be able to go for education and do some jobs even after their marriage. Strict measures should be taken against child-marriage.  We should ensure education for all women of our village.
Gandhiji, our Father of Nation dreamed of an India where women will enjoy the same rights as men. As students we should try our best to eradicate the discrimination women suffer from society. Education is the only thing by which women can be well educated. From the evidence gathered over 30 years show that educating women is the single most powerful weapon against malnutrition.
It is very important that the society must change their attitude towards women. Women should be considered as the most powerful resource of any nation. They should get an opportunity to express themselves and show their talents. All these measures would ensure drastic change in the women-empowerment.
So let’s not forget the fact that women are the greatest gift of God. Women empowerment is an essential factor which should be done so earnestly in our nation than anything else. Only then we can say that our country is really a well-developed one. Let’s together work for this noble cause.
(Quns. 12-16) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
One of the greatest advances in modern technology has been the invention of computers. They are widely used in industry and universities. Now there is hardly any sphere of human life where computers have not been pressed into service of men. Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems or put thousands of unrelated facts in order. These machines can be put to varied uses. For instance, they can provide information on the best way to prevent traffic accidents, or they can count the number of times, the word ‘and’ has been used in the Bible. Because they work accurately and at high speeds, they save research workers years of hard work. The whole process by which machines can be used to work for us has been called ‘automation’. In the future, automation may enable human beings far more leisure than they do today. The coming of automation is bound to have important social consequences.
12. The word ‘advance’ in the passage means……. a) increase b) development c) give before hand d) none of these. A) Development
13.The word ‘accuracy’ means……… a) punctually b) appropriately c) correctly d) none of these
A) Correctly
14. What is automation?
A) The whole process by which machines can be used to work for us has been called ‘automation’.
15. Why do we call computers the greatest advances in modern technology?
A) We call computers the greatest advances in modern technology because they are widely used in industry and universities. They are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems.
16. How does automation help human beings?
A) Automation helps human beings to have more leisure than they do today. It has important social consequences too.
(Ques 17- 18) Frame question to get the underlined word as answer.
17. Ivan Ivanich and Bourkin went to Aliokhin’s  because it was raining heavily.
A) Why did Ivan Ivanich and Bourkin go to Aliokhin’s?
18. Ivan Ivanich and Bourkin met Aliokhin at the barn.
A) Whom did Ivan Ivanich and Bourkin meet at the barn?
19. Our state is now struck by various calamities like landslides, earthquakes, floods etc. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the need of creating awareness about disaster management among the people.
The Editor
The Hindu
Sub:- Creating awareness about disaster management
Respected sir,
I am Sohan from ABCD Higher Secondary School padavanna. I am writing this letter to draw your kind attention on the disaster management of our country. Disasters both natural and man-made have become a common phenomenon. They cause great damage, destruction and death in our society.
People are becoming more and more vulnerable to disasters like landslides, earthquakes, floods etc. They are not aware about the disaster management. They often become helpless before natural calamities. So at this crucial period, It is good to create awareness among people about disaster management.  I believe your daily would spread this message in a wonderful manner. People should be taught that the buildings should be constructed according to strict rules and regulations. The need of rehabilitation centre is very important. The main problems faced by the people during these disasters are shortage of water supply, power supply and communication facilities. People should be trained how to face such situations with a strong mind. But unfortunately even the government is not taking effective measures to reduce the impact of these calamities.
It’s high time to be aware of the impending disasters and well-equipped with disaster management. So I humbly request you to publish an article in your newspaper about the need of disaster management to create awareness among people.
Yours faithfully
20. Read the given poem below and write a note of appreciation.
                                                                                Another Sleepless Night
Crumpled sheets; Tossing and turning,
Yearning for just one wink, My heart cries out weary tears.
No fears for nightmares, My life is a nightmare.
Alone, cold, tired, and broken, I’m tired of crying, tired of trying,
Misery lies beside me and sleeps soundly. Why won’t sleep come to me?
I’m up before dawn, I feel so unfulfilled, I watch as the city sleeps, and the night creeps.
If I never ask for anything, I’m begging for this, Will my prayers be answered?
Will I ever dream just one night? Another sleepless night.
A) “Another Sleepless Night” is a sweet and beautiful poem which emphasizes the importance of sound sleep in one’s life. The poet conveys the necessity of sound sleep to maintain fitness through meaningful lines. The poet describes his keen desire to have a sleep and his heart is crying out for just one wink.
He tells about the miseries caused by the sleepless nights and he has been suffering from this condition for a long period. He asks why sleep wouldn’t come to him. Nothing can make his mind relaxed. He feels alone, cold, tired and broken. He wants to get relax by getting a sound sleep. He crumpled with sheets, tossed it, turned it and tried in all possible ways only to get a wink of sleep, but in vain. He is not afraid of nightmares because his life itself is a night mare. All he wants is sleep. But he cannot sleep because something worst has got into his mind. Nothing can make his mind relaxed. We can understand that the poet is completely upset by the miseries.
The poet uses good and attractive language to create the mood of his mind. When we read this poem we also feel very much sympathetic towards the poet. He makes use of effective figure of speech like alliteration in ‘tossing and turning’ and metaphor in ‘life is a nightmare’. We can see assonance in ‘crying, trying’, ‘sleeps, creeps’ etc. All these literary devices add to the beauty of this poem.
The poem ends in a wistful hope and prayer for getting good sleep. This poem is really bringing out a good theme in a simple language. The powerful use of images and words reveal the value of the ‘blessed barrier’.
21. Complete the following passage using the correct form of the verbs given in brackets.
Our company is not paying  (not pay) us regularly now-a-days. And with the new management in power, things are going( go) topsy-turvy. ‘Everyone for oneself’ is (be) the policy here. I am thinking( think) of resigning from this job by the end of this month.
22. “The question was from a teenager who had come from a far away village. Later the student decided to send Dr.Kalam an e-mail thanking him for the inspiring answer. Prepare the e-mail for the student.

Subject: to express my gratitude for your inspiring answer

Dear Sir,
I am Mohammed who asked you a question when you came to attend the ‘Sasthrayaan Programme’ in our School. I am writing this to express my gratitude to you. Really I was so inspired by your answer. Your words were really magical. I am sure that I will achieve my dreams. I have my dreams of becoming a marine engineer.
The poem you recited as an answer to my question is still sounding in my ears. I was greatly encouraged by the lines “I am born with potential, I am born with wings”etc. Whenever I feel lack of confidence I recite those lines to get confidence. Now I am really confident to talk to my teachers, friends, etc. and I have trust in myself.
Once again I thank you for the inspiration and motivation given to me. I assure you that I will try my best and fly with wings to achieve my goal.
Thanking you
With love

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